Who is this person?

I enjoy blogging and do a weekly review of my life. Things I like to write about: LGBT stuff (I am gay), HIV (I am undetectable), politics (I am a liberal), the gym and my jog-runs, trying to lose weight, technology (unfortunately I am not a geek but simply an enthusiast), reading fiction, learning new languages, cinema, mental health, and spiritual/religious stuff.

I used to keep a daily handwritten diary following a really bad patch in my life, basically I had a breakdown, but then I realised I might as well keep one plus let the world read it! Am I an exhibitionist or a self-publicist? I don’t think so rather I believe in the value of communication and dialogue. And I get pleasure from writing. On a wider level this website allows me to broaden my digital knowledge – I quite like messing about with and changing it.

More about me… in my fifties and living in London. Born and grew up here, indeed I’ve lived here all my life apart from 12 years in Brighton which ultimately I found too small town plus I got betrayed in the worst possible way by a man I felt an enormous amount for. Pleased to say I am very happily civil partnered now to an amazing bloke.

London is a great city although I am unhappy with some of the things that are happening to it like gentrification – pricing out people who aren’t super rich. I want London (and a world) for everyone to be part of – young and old, rich and poor, able bodied and disabled, gay and straight, male and female, black and white.

As I get older I am realising the key things I want to do with my life which are:

  • Learn how to speak several different European languages fluently
  • Be far more proficient in digital; I genuinely believe in the power of tech to be innovative, transformational, and disruptive
  • Read extensively (I particularly love contemporary fiction) and I’mĀ  writing a book myself
  • Regularly exercise both aerobic and strength-building; losing weight would be nice to go alongside this
  • Travel to lots of different places especially in Europe which I love
  • Eat and drink well but without paying silly prices; I believe in frugal living
  • Make sure the people I love (my beloved partner, family and friends) are all OK
  • Explore my spiritual side to reach my full potential as a human being
  • Do as little damage as possible to the environment because at the moment the Earth’s future is looking pretty dire

One of the big things in my life is trying to look after my health. I take a daily combination of meds. I deal with a number of issues including beingĀ  HIV+, being prone to blood clotting, and living with depression. Getting older also brings joint and muscle problems. Indeed learning how to age well is an experience in itself and something we all have to go through.

Of course, I need to point out on this blog and website that all views are totally my own, etc.

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