Walk a mile in my shoes – the video trailer

When I was in Glasgow on Monday, one of the people I met up with was Chris Young. Chris has mental health problems and has been walking around the coast of the British Isles having conversations around and raising awareness about mental health. This video is a trailer for a longer film about what he does.

And now based on an idea worked on at an Innovation Lab run by SeeMe (the Scottish campaign to tackle stigma and discrimination based on mental health), Chris and his little team of helpers are planning to do an event in Edinburgh in September – working title = ‘Walk a Royal Mile in My Shoes’. It’s a brilliantly simple idea for people to walk and talk together for about a mile and publicise this using digital i.e. tweet, pic on Facebook, record a podcast, make a video. Although the plan for Edinburgh is to target people with mental health problems walking and talking with professionals from health and social care sector, the bigger aim is to roll-out ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ as an easy way for people to communicate and share experiences around mental health.

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