Timewyrm: Revelation

I’m reading the last of the four part new Dr Who adventure series Timewyrm and it’s a really good book. Written by Paul Cornell who is a very good author, it goes beyond the comfort read I am used to. It’s quite surreal with a dead Doctor and Ace having adventures via their ‘souls’ whilst a church with a speaking spirit is transferred to the moon.

Meanwhile in the dimension we call boring, mundane, everyday life… My hayfever seems to have progressed into a sort of heavy cold. I’m full of catarrh and coughing and sneezing everywhere. I didn’t think you get colds like this in the middle of summer and no-one else I know has one. My belle maman has arrived in London and is keeping Dave busy. And this has knocked my weekend out of its normal orbit. Saturday I did lunch at Pierre Victoire by myself. I actually like eating on my own, me and a good book. Food was good though service was very iffy as the boss wasn’t there. After a leisurely chill at the Retro Bar (listening to stupid but sexy posh boys pretend to be football fanatics who regularly get into fights) I journeyed home and had a big coffee on the way not least to sort out work e-mails – delete, delete, delete! Little surprise at home – brother and his kids plus his slobbery hyper-active and neurotic dog that kept trying to hump my leg. Saturday evening was quiet with mum, she desperately searching through the TV for something that wasn’t football.

Up earlyish on Sunday and out for coffee then bus along to gym. Good workout despite cold. Wore shorts and t-shirts which actually was not a good idea as cloudy and cold even trying to rain. Onto Old Compton St for coffee (lovely French lady sitting next to me asked ‘aren’t you cold?’) then onto a second hand bookshop on Charing Cross Road to buy some gay retro books I had my eye on. Onto the ever wonderful UJC to meet with Dave, mum, et al for my mum’s 70th birthday meal. All went well and she was really happy with ‘all my chicks around me’. Got a QPR bracelet off Rosie and William. Dave and his mum back to his flat (he’s a bit panicy about Monday at work) and the rest of us back to West Ken. Tony and Tracie had brought big cream cake which we all shared whilst watching Switzerland vs Ecuador. Some of the Swiss team are really hot. A quiet evening once all had left and I ate nothing more which I think is also related to this bloody cold / hayfever thing. Did duolingo (and did so yesterday) which very pleasing. Also continued to check and delete work e-mails. Mum pissed off with TV but overall happy. Called it quits around 10 and off to bed.

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