The Last Day

The last day of my latest Sitges holiday – sob. Cracking night last night. Met up with Jamie and we did all the favourites – Parrots, Bar 7, Piano Bar, El Horno/XXL, and ended up at Queenz. Stayed there till it closed at 3am. Nicely drunk and stuck to just red wine and vodka so not repeating the horrible beer induced hangover of Tuesday. Woke around 9 today and felt pretty OK though flagging now after lunch.

Decided to get exercise and went for walk in the woods past the Terramar. Dull weather meant it was quiet so I just sat and read my book. Really looking forward to getting back to the gym next week. That (plus Pogo & mum) has been the real thing I’ve missed. Weighed myself before I left last week and 13-8 so anything around that mark on my return is definitely not a step backwards.

I finished Perdido Street Station and it’s quality lasted out to the end. A very good book with the completion not being totally what I expected. I’ve switched back to the Dr Who New Adventures. They are a bit like a comfort blanket detailing the adventures of the Sylvester McCoy Doctor after Survival ended on TV. I’ve started at the beginning with Timewyrm: Genesis. Certainly not the deepest books I have read but actually far more imaginative than given credit for and I just love the Doctor’s adventures full stop.



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