The Joy of Discipline

Hope you like the title – apparently intriguing, tabloid-like titles draw people in more. If I wanted to be less sensationalist, I could have just said ‘Time for Me’. The discipline I am talking about is that of trying to keep work in perspective after my return from a week off. I know I like getting in early (say around 8.15) so I am trying to ensure that therefore I leave early (4.30-5) and take a proper lunch break. It has worked this week on the three days I have been in the office. And the joy is the extra time gained such as dealing with a less busy tube as well as having a chill coffee after work but still being indoors by 6. I am also using the learning from my time management book and putting all e-mails to be actioned into a closed list and dealing with them within 24 hours plus not being distracted from or adding to this. Be interesting to see how things pan out as it all gets busier after the holiday period is over (though it feels busy now – not sure if the ‘August quiet period’ is anything more than a myth). Very nice to see that my pepper plant is doing well in the office – big thanks to the lovely Cathy I sit next to for keeping an eye on it.

So apart from dealing well with work this week, I have also made progress around fitness. Last week was a bit unreal with all the free time. However, during the week just gone I have managed two gym sessions (Sun + Thurs), a session with Sara my trainer on Monday, and a jog on Saturday. The jog was great being my best in terms of time and distance. A slight pull in my left calf but this did not make me need to stop and stretch immediately as has happened before. In terms of language learning, I have just kept to Spanish on Duolingo and done about two or three sessions so some progress. Digital-wise, my big progression point this week has been learning how to put my Twitter feed onto my website. OK it is only about installing a Widget and connecting it to Twitter but I felt I had really done something technical and it makes the site more interesting. In terms of books, I finished Raymond Radiguet’s ‘The Devil in the Flesh’ (1923) and Peter Heller’s ‘The Dog Stars’ (2012). Both decent books though written nearly 90 years apart. I have an idea to do a mixed review of them both – check the Book Reviews page on this site to see it I have got round to it.

Another great weather week and two different people have said to me, ‘No-one can say we haven’t had a good summer this year’. I have made the most of it sitting out for coffee, reading and totty watching on all of my non-work days this week. Obviously I have seen some nice male totty on the streets and I have also enjoyed watching the Commonwealth Games partly for that reason as well as for just the joy of watching a great sporting gathering. I also caught up with Monday’s episode of ‘Royal Marine Commando School’ – traditional format (I remember ‘Paras’ from the eighties) but still well made, watchable, sexy, and fun – bit like me!

Spent several nights with mum this week who is in a slightly cantankerous mood. Partly this is due to the heat but she is also wound up by the television though I think she also likes to wind me up. She was very funny commenting on how skimpy are the costumes of the women track and field athletes – some really are just knickers and a short vest as mum pointed out. Interesting that if anything men’s costumes have got more about covering up (i.e. leggings) whereas women’s costumes have got smaller. And it is fascinating how fabulously glammed up are some of the women athletes with their hair done, jewellery, and full make-up including lipstick and mascara whereas the male athletes just turn up many of them looking like they have not even had a wash. Dave and I visited the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition which was OK. One piece of sculpture amused me – a ‘man’ bent over with a pile of cakes on his back. And there was one picture that stuck in my mind but otherwise everything else really made no impression. Dinner with Dave at the Union Jack Club last night – a lovely old fashioned Beef Madras curry.

Made contact with my old digital colleague Rae this week only to find she is moving to Germany. She has her own site which is my website of the week though I am not sure how easy she is going to find keeping it updated with moving to a new country and having a very young child. Another mate did not have good news when he went to see his hospital consultant on Wednesday. Basically he’s got to wait two months to see if his medical treatment is working by then and if it is not we have to enter uncharted and dark waters… Please remember him in your prayers or meditation if you are into that kind of thing

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