The good and bad about my break in Sitges

Sun 30 Sept – Fri 5 Oct 2018

Last week’s blog (here) covered my first day in Sitges. It is only with the hindsight of the full period away that I can make a call on it. Overall, it was good and I take some useful things from it. But there were also less good bits; nothing disastrous but reflections, some useful to hold onto and act on whereas others are to be dismissed.

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Having days out of the ordinary – isn’t that what a holiday should be about? Particularly with afternoon snoozes enabling late, drunken nights. 🙂 Sitges is wonderfully compact so you can wander from bar to club to another club, etc with enormous ease even when pissed.

I did calm down on my last night and apart from a cocktail and a glass of wine, stuck to water. But I must be honest that I enjoy drinking and I enjoy getting slightly drunk. I know when to stop and I didn’t suffer any holiday hangovers.

Life thinking

skull and crossbonesBeing able to look at life in London and work from a distance. Yes, I checked on emails which enabled me to stay connected though that ultimately may not have been the best thing. And reinforcing the thought in my head that I want life to be different. The clock ticks and I am not happy. 🙁

The Sun

Male body artMon and Tues down the beach to absorb and enjoy the sun. On the gay naturist beach just under the cemetery on the rocks above. There is something wonderfully liberating about shedding all your clothing and letting the sun pour its warmth all over you. Though I really don’t go very brown and there were quite a few men around with dark brown, leathery skin.

Walks in Los Bosques

Decided to not over-punish my skin and so went for long walks on Wed and Thurs instead of doing the beach. There is a nature park around Sitges, largely a beautiful woodland – Los Bosques. I love forests, there is something so spiritual about walking through them. Woods and forests mean more to me than the sea could ever do. Which made me realise there really was no point in me being in Brighton.

My love of languages

Surrounded by Spanish and Catalan. I had frequent bursts of either language that made me think about words and phrases or triggered memories of things that I knew. And just the wonderful Spanish/Catalan way of life based on warmer days and nights with time spent out in the company of others.

And I read a couple of great books but more about that in my next blog.


  • Drinking a lot – my poor liver 🙁
  • Getting wound up by work stuff at a distance. Probably the only way to deal with this would be to not check emails at all but then I would spend so much time catching up on my return. Perhaps I need a more ‘sod it’ attitude.
  • Mosquito bites – they love me. And even with insect repellent spray. 🙁
  • Getting intimidated by the young and beautiful people on the beach and in clubs. Those wonderfully cruel looks from gay men that can destroy your self-confidence in a second. But karma – they won’t always be as they now are.
  • General over-eating with 3 meals a day, some of them multi-courses. I do love the Spanish thing of a Menu Del Dia – a cheap 3 course restaurant meal at lunchtimes (apparently Franco introduced it).
  • Getting a bit of diarrhoea on my last day (obligatory for holidays), dodgy curry me thinks
  • Realising how crap my Spanish still is
  • I flew in a plane so I contributed to fucking the planet

And my simple disgust that Brett Kavanaugh is being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice despite his lack of personal control and the way abuse of women is normalised as something that just happens. 🙁

Have a bit of light relief

3 thoughts on “The good and bad about my break in Sitges

  1. “I flew in a plane so I contributed to fucking the planet”… one year I took Eurostar to Avignon did a bit of sightseeing before an early night as the next day took the 8am train to Barcelona. Was much more relaxing and scenic than flying. On the way home took a local train to the Pyrenees then the sleeper (or lack of sleep’er) to Paris then the 7am Eurostar home again. But you need a bit more than just a long weekend.

    1. Thanks for the comment Phil. I keep having romantic notions about doing Sitges, Berlin, etc by train but then that old convenience demon rears his ugly head and I choose to fuck the planet instead. Hope Velvet Page was good. I was sad to miss it for the 2nd time in a row.

  2. This is an excellent blog/site for train travel around the world. Lots of good advice. We learned from it that you can pay a supplement when buying 2 tickets, to reserve a whole 1st class cabin (4 beds) on the sleeper train to Paris.

    Train travel is a lot cheaper not in the UK, so 1st class travel is affordable and comfortable. Do it!

    I missed the book club last week as I had a bad cold 🙁

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