Penultimate holiday day

Today, tomorrow then it’s back to the UK. It’s been a good holiday but one of the most interesting things has been finding out how hard it is to relax. I’m more chilled now and have turned to doing things I have always wanted to do like writing a daily blog and seriously trying to improve my language skills. But, initially, the whole experience of not having anything to worry about was something that caused me anxiety. And inevitably things to worry about came forward anyway.┬áIt’s not been a life changing holiday but I think I might have got some new outlooks. Distance and perspective definitely bring new views. I am clearer on what I like and how I want things to be but can that stand the stress test on my return to London?

My friend Jamie arrives tonight and that will be good to have someone to share the evening with. Yes it’s been good being on my own but it is difficult going to a bar and standing there alone like a lemon and I’m no longer the ravishing beauty that people want to come up and talk to. So another big boozy night potentially beckons but I really don’t want to feel as rough the next day as I did on Tuesday.

Sun is up already and I will soon be down the beach. The last 100 pages to go of ‘Perdido Street Station’. That will be finished today though I have some reservations as to if such excellent writing can be wrapped up well. Several books I have read that just come to a juddering stop as the author did not know what else to do or how to complete. This book is really an analogy of London and the division between different communities and groups I think. With some other stuff in the mix including drugs, magic and science. I have enjoyed it indeed more so than my first book of the holidays which was the wonderful Beryl Bainbridge’s last book ‘The Girl in the Polka-dot Dress’. I wanted to like it but it just didn’t measure up, for me, to the brilliance of her earlier writing. But what a wonderful woman. Dave once saw her on the street and jumped off his bus to talk to her – she thought he was going to mug her! ‘No-one has ever recognised me in the street’, she said.

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