Health, reading, and two of my favourite people: Part one of last week’s blog (Sun 15 – Sat 21 Nov)

globe-73397_1920I started to write my blog about last week but it became a long one primarily because lots of stuff happened not least going off to Gran Canaria. So I decided to split it into two parts, get one bit out today and see if it is easier for readers (including me) by not being in one big indigestible chunk. Tomorrow stuff about seeing my very ill friend, digital update, and Gran Canaria. Today’s blog recaps on my health and fitness last week plus time spent with Dave and mum as well as two interesting books I read.

Health and efficiency

Good news last week in that I managed to lose a pound when I did my weigh-in on Tuesday morning, though unfortunately mum put on a pound. My normal see-saw one pound lost and one pound gained pattern for each week continued which basically means my weight is staying the same at around thirteen and a half stone where it has been for several years now. If I really want to lose weight then I am going to have to do something drastically different. It’s like one definition of madness equalling doing the same thing over and over again but each time expecting a different result. A nice blog by my friend Chris about the value of creating a community in helping him lose weight

No gym on Sunday because visiting my very ill friend. But I did manage to get there on Monday for a good session mainly weights but with a bit of cardio. No time during the rest of the week due to work and holidays. Not even much purposeful walking in London and on holiday I found myself really doing no exercise, simply lazing in the sun and eating + drinking a large amount (though not as much as some of the very large people here). Holidays are great but they are not the place to lose weight though one does become aware of some of the beautiful people around you especially when you are by the pool.

One of key pieces of health news was nothing to do with me directly but could have an important impact on me in an indirect way. Charlie Sheen came out as HIV+. OK perhaps he is not a great role model, spent millions in blackmail money, and was ultimately forced out but it is very important for us to have (in)famous HIV+ role models in the public eye. And especially ones who can reinforce the message that if you are on medication and have an undetectable load then it is nearly 100% certain that you can’t infect someone if you have sex with them. So get checked, get treated, and don’t discriminate.

Mum and Dave

Obviously I tried to spend time with my two favourite people before I went away. Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night with Dave though very early to bed on the latter to get up and travel the next day. And on Tuesday he really pissed me off by creating a big fuss about the smell left in his flat by having a curry. Over last Monday morning to see mum and help her with the laundry. Then off to the gym and a work meeting before back to spend the evening with her. Chips for dinner with spicy sauce and mayonnaise (my own version of patatas bravas) and soaps to watch.

Books and reading

Edward Wilson, ‘The Midnight Swimmer’ This is a book I have had lying around for ages and I thought I would read it with no expectations on what it would be like – good to do that every so often and see what happens. The key reason I bought it in a charity shop is that it is published by Arcadia Books who are a good publisher of alternative novels. This was a decent spy story set around the Cuban missile crisis and showing it from a different direction of travel to normal. However, as with so many spy thrillers, I got a bit lost with the different double-dealing stories. Also the fact that the spy the story was about got to meet with nearly every famous politician at that time made it harder to take seriously.

Laura Barnett, ‘The Versions of Us’ Another book I picked up in a charity shop for 50p. It’s set very firmly in the genre of ‘what if’ literature as with the excellent recent novel ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson. Basically Barnett has written three books about how the same relationship progresses between two people. The books are divided up so we are following the three different stories contemporaneously. Very nice and well written though not a classic. I’m a great believer in not looking back and wasting time thinking about what might have been different in one’s life – ‘if only’ are two of the most useless words in the world. This book sort of says love conquers all and two people clearly meant for each other will always get together. Obviously complete crap but an interesting and completely true reflection that directions in our lives depends on very little events.

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