One year ago

One year ago

Digital art - corrupted Mona Lisa


My blog from a year ago can be found here entitled ‘The Joy of Old Friends’. The picture above was used in that blog, nice coincidence with my thoughts in my most recent blog on how digital, art and life are all connected.

Some definite continuities between now and then. Back in Brighton that week (like last week) to see my two old chaps. Bob was grumpy then too. Strange to think my mate James who lived in nearby Lewes was still alive at that time. I’m back at the gym now and a year ago I was trying to reconcile and compensate with having my arm in plaster by taking lots of long, purposeful walks for exercise. Mum was getting her knee investigated then so it’s been over a year of pain for her. And I was still trying to learn languages. Looks like I wasn’t much concerned then so much with developing coding skills.

My spiritual failing

Main difference between present and past was me then still trying to sort out my spiritual side following attending the Calpe retreat. I attended church which was a good experience. Keep thinking I should do it now but Sunday morning is for exercise these days. Perhaps one day I will go back on a regular basis. I think my spiritual side sleeps.

I love my friends

Another big thing in this week last year was bumping into loads of friends. The main update is that my friend Jane I met then was thinking of going for ordination and that is what has happened. Several other friends it would be nice to see again – Peter, Chris, Paul and Ewan. But a knife cuts both ways and keeping in contact is up to both parties.

Two years ago

The look of my blog

In looking back at the past and helping it to make sense of the present (and the future), I can actually now go back two years as I started keeping a blog June 2014 onwards. Most interesting thing is to see is how my blog has progressed. Far more useful and readable now. Two years ago I wasn’t using dates to identify which weeks were being talked about so the page with the blogs for July can be seen here. No proper sub-headings, very text-based. Indeed far too many chunky paragraphs. Few photos or images and only one link – ‘website of the week’. Interesting I was attending training days on WordPress; looks like that and practice have paid off.

Memories prompted

In terms of what was happening, I still had the security of the gym but was also using a personal trainer and seeing a physio about my leg problems. Went down to Brighton then and met up with James. I miss him so much. Fascinating that then I was coming to terms with not being a ‘night person’ – I really can’t do late nights. Big thing was that in July 2014 the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were happening. On the back of the 2012 London Olympics, everything felt so optimistic then compared to post-Refendum Little England now. And I was on leave then – like now using up leave before the end of our leave/financial year.

There are so many other little things that as soon as I read them then they come back. And without this blog to refer to I think I would have forgotten them completely – events, meeting friends, books, films, music, etc. This really is the joy of keeping a regular blog and looking back on it.

A quotation I love

Great to rediscover this brilliant quotation that I used two years ago and have always loved. It shows the importance of believing in something and persisting in pushing it to success eventually (sadly Farage and leaving the EU are a perfect example):

‘What makes men of genius, or rather, what they make, is not new ideas; it is the idea by which they are obsessed that what has been said has still not been said enough.’

Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)

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