One and two years ago

I am failing in my attempt to do a weekly analysis of my blogs from one and two years ago. But perhaps aiming to do this on a fortnightly basis is more realistic. Hope this helps people who read it in whatever way works for them. It’s a good reflection process for me.

One year ago

My two blogs for the end of Aug 2015 can be found on this page. There was one blog tied to a particular week ‘What you’re actually hearing is this wonderful porridge that memory turns into’ (BDblog Sun 23 – Sat 29 Aug 2015). So what can I take from that which will help me with my life today?

Work feels more under control

I had ongoing worries about over-working at work. Don’t feel like that now. Could be because my job has changed, could also be that I am being tighter in controlling how much time I give to work stuff.

Health and efficiency: weight, walking, goals, and inspiration

Hilariously I was concerned about my weight going up 2 pounds to 13-5. That is still nearly half a stone less than where I am now. But it’s an inspiration to what I can do in losing weight. The big difference I can identify between then and now is taking less long purposeful walks. Did gym 3 times in the week a year ago and had the inspiration of the World Athletic Championships. There is definitely importance in having a goal to be reached and inspiration to do it. On other fitness matters, a year ago I was having physio for my achilles (still not perfect and something to be managed rather than cured) and mum was hobbling whereas now she is recovering from her knee op.

Digital: progress

digital-388075_640Really interesting to come across what I laid out as to what I was trying to do at work around digital. It’s still relevant and looking back there has been progress on all five points:

  • Making our own departmental culture more pro-digital
  • Working with other pro-digital people within the wider organisation to push the digital agenda
  • Linking up with other funders to incentivise digital development within the wider third sector
  • Linking up with other external organisations to provide digital leadership to the third sector
  • Providing learning and best practice around digital internally and externally

Learning and development

I was using Code Academy and DuoLingo but wishing I had the time to do more. Still a problem. Is the issue that I need more time to do these things or that there is a better way (i.e. less time intensive) to learn coding and languages? If the latter, then I don’t think I have found those learning methods and suggestions would be welcomed.

Books and reading

pic of Roberto Bolano in a Banksie styleThree great authors read: Helen Dunmore, Neil Gaiman and Roberto Bolano. I love all three.

Identifying good times and why they are good

One year ago, alongside the time specific blog above was also a more generic one 16 reasons why the last 48 hours have been good. I was building on clinician advice in the face of depression to identify when I was the most happiest and analyse why. Presumably with the hope of recreating that good period. I can remember this blog was linked at the time to seeing my terminally ill friend James and appreciating the need to make the most of the time we have. Worth noting that I was reflecting on a particularly busy 48 hours.

  • Two consecutive good gym sessions
  • Eating less and skipping food as well as forgetting to weigh myself
  • Remote working and catching up on work
  • Travelling to Manchester
  • Good weather
  • Finding out about a new digital product
  • Nice glass of wine
  • Sexy people in shorts
  • Good reading book
  • Good music on i-pod and radio
  • Seeing mum and Dave
  • GP confirming achilles prob but to be dealt with via physio not surgery
  • Pension recovered a bit in value
  • Being clear what I want from the work restructuring
  • Talking to my brother
  • Not watching TV apart from soaps

Dozing bulldog

Two years ago

The blogs I did in Aug 14 can be found here. Two particular ones are used for comparison as they cover the same two last weeks of the month: The Start of the End of Summer and The Importance of Time with People We Love.

My ability to identify the beginning of the end of summer

I noted then that the nights were starting to lengthen. I am attuned to the changes in the season perhaps because this links to my mood. The end of summer always makes me sad with a new emphasis in my life to think about how I can avoid the inevitable dark and cold i.e. running off to Gran Canaria. A washed out bank-holiday which was not true of this year.

Trips out

To Newcastle linked to my Abstinence-Based Recovery projects whose funding terminates at the end of Sept – everything no matter how good (or bad) must end at some point. And to Brighton to see Bob and Brian but also my much missed friend James. A massage whilst I was in Brighton, I could do with more of those in my life.

Time with friends but also a general atmosphere of nastiness (bloody referendums)

Meeting up with friends including Dom, Stephen and Patrick. But having arguments on Twitter and the battle for the last word that never ends. The nastiness of ‘banter’. Interesting that part of the backdrop was the Scottish independence referendum. I hate referendums. A dereliction of duty by politicians and a guaranteed way to divide a nation leaving it split with lingering bitterness.

Health and efficiency

Doing gym about twice a week including 10 mins on the rowing machine each time. A disappointing jog-run. My ever-recurring headache over one eye and dreams of no strength at all that have gone off now. Did have one morning of not being able to get up to go to gym and going straight back to sleep.

Books and other bits

Some good reading done: Christopher Fowler’s ‘Full Dark House’, Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Decline and Fall’, Graham Greene’s ‘Travels with My Aunt’ and the poet John McCullough as well as a dull time management book.

Not enough progress on digital skills or languages – even then I was thinking about the need to do something radically different. Watched J.K. Rowling’s inspirational TED talk ‘The Fringe Benefits of Failure’ (always worth a look to give one a boost). Bought my leather trousers – the ones I wear every year at Folsom in Berlin.

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