One and two years ago

One year ago

My blog for a year ago can be found here


I’m struck by the fact that then my weight was down to 13-4 – wow! I linked this to and noted ‘walking and reduced eating especially through smaller portions and slower eating – do feel hungry at times’. And there were lots of long walks spurred on by my arm in a cast. Food for thought here as my urrent weight. Never stop giving up. Or as Churchill is supposed to have said, ‘carry on buggering on’. One day I may have my washboard stomach…


A big part of my blog then was taken up with reflections on William Styron’s book about depression. Indeed I did a separate mini-blog about it which can be read here. Big questions he was seeking answers to were how depression happens and why? Simple questions we would all love the answers to not least as then we could avoid rather than cure depression. Amazing with our modern sophistication that we still don’t know.

Reading that mini-blog still brings back to me the vividness of when I was severely depressed and had a breakdown even though twas over ten years ago – horrible times. A year ago I was anxious linked to over-working and concerns about the upcoming work restructuring. I’m in a better place now.

depressed person

Odds and sods

Some other little bits that hit me on reading last year’s blog:

  • When I wrote about meeting friends then it makes me upset if I have not seen them for a long while now. And then I met up with several people. However, one was Mark Brown and it gives me a good comradely feeling to say that I saw him on Wednesday just gone. One friendship that is not drifting away.
  • Then I had just won ICA membership for a year via a Twitter competition. I’ve used it during the year mainly to get discount on cinema tickets though these are still quite cheap anyway. And to avoid the £1 day membership fee so I could just go in and hang around. But it has just finished [sad face]
  • The Prudenital bike ride was causing probs then as much as now and pissing me off.
  • I had finished reading the classic sci-fi book ‘Sarah Canary’ by Karen Joy Fowler. Not an easy one and not even blatantly sci-fi. But it gives me good memories as it was a bloody good book – highly recommended.

Two years ago


The two years ago blog can be found here. One of the most intriguing things is that I entitled it ‘The Joy of Discipline’. I was trying to make sure it was eye-catching and encapsulate my own need for personal discipline to keep work pressures under control.

Water the plants

Amusing then that I was looking after the plants at work then and I’ve just been doing the same now.

A key thing in digital is giving CTAs – Call to Actions. If you take one action away from reading this blog then let it be this – water the plants!

Spider plant

Other bits worth drawing out from two years ago (and isn’t it strange how often little things are the most important and carry the most memories?):

  • I was doing really well on my fitness routine – two gym visits, one jog-run, and a session with my PT. I miss my PT as she doesn’t do this any more. Don’t know what my weight was then. Perhaps better not to know if it was lower than my current heaviness.
  • Good hot, sunny weather unlike this week.
  • The Glasgow Commonwealth Games were happening. And ‘Royal Marine Commando School’ was on TV. I remember the latter more than the former – very sexy LOL.
  • I was visiting the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and having dinner at the Union Jack Club. So some nice things do carry on year on year.
  • My mate James was still alive but very ill and going for a crunch meeting with his consultant. Take from this the need to live and love every minute.

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