Making progress

Back writing my blog. I used to spend time during the morning writing up my diary (old school, on paper with pen) but now I have converted that energy into writing my blog which hopefully will be more useful to me and other people being out there in the world. I am very aware my WordPress site still looks pretty primitive (‘it’s life Jim but only basic life’) so gonna buy myself WordPress for Dummies later unless someone has a better solution?

Great gym session yesterday. All main body parts worked and especially legs to try and deal with my recurring leg aches and pains – knees, calves, achilles. Gym was slightly busier than usual perhaps as a result of the good weather. Did some cardio as well to burn up a few calories. Coffee and reading Dr Who on Old Compton St in the sun alongside the gays and tourists. Dave turned up (he’s happy at the moment which is good news) and we ate at the lovely Italian restaurant La Portchetta. Then we had some time apart to do our own thing.

Para mi, I went off to one of the secondhand bookshops on Charing Cross Road and bought half a dozen classic gay books to add to my beloved collection. Then slow moving bus to my fave charity shop before back to Dave’s stopping off for coffee of course. Oh, and I got my haircut. Back at Dave’s I sorted out books and laundry then did some more language practice. Crap TV. Soccer Aid was embarrassing – celebs pretending to be footballers. Good Twitter chat with One in Four Mark yesterday about the need not to own somewhere to live but simply to be able to live somewhere you feel secure in terms of personal safety and being able to put down long term roots.

Today Matthew is all about looking after me. Gym and then home with mum returning from my brother’s hopefully later. I’m going to be self indulgent and do all the things I like doing before life returns to work tomorrow.

Something that will always cheer me up, Tori Amos singing ‘Rise like a phoenix’

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