Keep Going – Lockdown, week 5

Sun 19 – Sat 25 April 2020

It’s been a month since this all started in earnest and what else can we do but keep going? But it’s not easy. Lockdown has lost its excitement and newness. It seems filled with emptiness now and we look back fondly at what we have lost wondering if we will ever get it back?

However, the time also does seem to go fast (I find it hard to remember what I do each day). And I suspect at some point in the further future we will look back on this time with a kind of positivity as a break that we all needed. It could also be a big breathing point for planet Earth. At the moment, all we can do is make the most of where we are now because it could be a lot worse.

Two significant things last week specifically related to the lockdown. First, took the big step and buzzcut my hair all over. I’m losing it so doesn’t look massively different but I wish I still had hair. 🙁 Second, a fuse went in the switch for the mechanism that heats our water so we were left with no hot water. 🙁 No option but to get in a repair person. We used a repair company recommended by a friend and one I would definitely recommend to others especially with their detail to appropriate lockdown behaviour 🙂 Silver Saints.

Health and Efficiency


Part of my attempt to keep going is to get back to some regular exercise. And last week I managed three little jog-runs which is great. 🙂 I’m trying to set up a routine where I do a short jog-run but then have a day or two gap to recover (especially my poor old knees). 🙁

man busy jogging

Details on my little runs on Sun, Wed, and Sat can be found here. Cumulatively I am hitting the 10K figure I used to do in just one day pre-lockdown. But then I also did lots of walking and the gym. 🙁 My pace is pretty slow – my joints feel dodgy running early morning to avoid people. Plus I’m doing the jog-runs without as much other exercise as I used to do. But it is a vital way to burn up some calories.

Saturday was a bit of a disaster as my watch stopped working again; perhaps the Americans have blocked signals from the Chinese satellite it connects to LOL. But I decided to keep going and do what some people have suggested – ignore the stats and just enjoy the run for the sake of it. 🙂

Daily walk

Another thing to enable us all to keep going is to use the daily allowance to get out for exercise or buy food. Each day if I am not doing a jog-run then I try to motivate myself to go for a walk. It’s not always easy – sometimes it feels just safer to stay indoors. But we have to face the world and I need the exercise. The days I go out shopping for food, I count that as my exercise allocation.

Yoga stretches

One thing I am trying to do is to introduce a bit of yoga stretching into my everyday routine. Just little bits and pieces as I feel like pottering around the flat with particular attention to my tight hamstrings and legs to help with the running.


Unfortunately my weight is slowly inching up – that definitely keeps going! I don’t feel out of control of my eating but it’s so easy to snack. And, of course, I am doing so much less exercise overall. Think I might consciously have to cut down if the lockdown goes on for several more weeks.

Work Life Balance

Big Night In – it’s been another busy week

Trying to let work wash over you

Work is definitely about the need to keep going but doing everything from home. An onslaught of emails (how else to communicate information?) and many, many Zoom conference calls. For the latter I increasingly join them only via audio as I find that is the best way to avoid headaches and eyesight strain.

And last week was really busy with The Big Night In on Thurs evening. What an amazing night – thank you to everyone for their generosity. Now the race is on to get the money out to charities asap. There clearly is no rest for the wicked; me and my work colleagues are still going to be very busy.

Time off – hooray for May bank holidays

Unfortunately no days off last week as it was so busy. This goes against the importance that I know of pacing myself. I’m still owed a day of TOIL (time off in lieu) for when I covered for my line manager so I will be using that very soon. Worth noting that May is one of my favourite months because it has 2 bank holidays. And the first of those is in 2 weeks. Gotta keep going till then. 🙂

Books and Reading

Work overtook my reading time

Oh dear, no book finished last week which demonstrates, I would suggest, how busy I was with work eating into my own time. A clear problem with lockdown, the way work time soaks into your non-work time like some sort of evil inkblot. 🙁 However, I am reading an intriguing book which I will finish next week and write about in next week’s blog. 🙂

Family and Friends

Mum is still OK

Mum is fine being isolated still as I know from my twice a day phonecalls. And Dave’s mum is also fine in the same situation though he manages to get away with just one phonecall each day. They both keep going because there is no other option. My brother has driven over and checked on mum plus getting her more food shopping. Mum was very happy to do bingo via the phone on Fri night with a group of people including her grandchildren. 🙂

After lockdown doesn’t look rosey

Difficult times ahead

I do wonder how she, and all older people, are going to cope with the possibility of still being ‘shielded’ (cut-off from the rest of society) even after the lockdown ends? It’s likely this will be a reality without a vaccine in place and, as I have pointed out, even after 40 years we still haven’t found a vaccine for HIV. 🙁

It’s good to be able to start to think about ‘post-Lockdown’ but it’s still a while away and the world will definitely be different.

Personal Development

Poor language learning offset by not being overwhelmed by emails

depression or just work?

Damn, damn, damn. Not as good as I was intending. Again the only reason I can think of is that work stuff drifted into and occupied too much of my own time. Definitely true in that I did not spend as much time and effort on the learning language apps as previous weeks – I get sent a weekly update each Saturday. 🙁

However, I did keep on top of emails both personal and work. Plus I managed to get some social media posts out. So not bad on personal development but I keep going with the hope to do better next week and the weeks after that. Live in hope! 🙂

Art and Culture

Lack of it – do I simply work too hard?

Depressing to say that I failed to reach my target of watching at least one film last week. Again the only reason I can identify why this has happened is the demands of work and particularly these expanding into my personal time. It’s not like there could be another reason even though I’m only part-time. Perhaps I’m simply too conscientious. 🙁

The Week Ahead

  • Will try to keep to my normal work hours but going to be difficult with meetings already booked and it’s annual budget setting time 🙁
  • Must get minimum of 2 mini jog-runs in and, hopefully, it will be 3
  • Keep going with all the good things in my life: reading, language learning, controlling emails, putting stuff on social media, and maintaining contact with mum
  • Will definitely finish my current reading book and start a new one
  • Really should try to watch at least one film per week

And Finally…

spreading disease

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