Jog-run disaster and impending autumn but finding positives

A look back at the weekend dominated by the media telling us that Trump is a misogynistic monster and people are shocked – where have they been and what did they expect? Hillary may have her faults but I would put my future in her hands 100 times over putting them into Trump’s claws.

Jog-run disaster darling

successful jog-run picMeanwhile back to the Billy universe. After my post-holiday blogs about knowing how I am going to change myself, Sat I run straight into a brick wall. My weekly jog-run was a disaster. This would have been my first jog-run since returning from hols. And based on previous trends, I was looking forward to doing 7.2 or even 7.25 km. So what went so dramatically wrong with the jog-run?

Tech and body failure

Two things. First, my bloody GPS watch that monitors everything failed to make a connnection with the satellite. Sensible thing would just have been to use the stopwatch and just do time. Amazing how obvious things don’t hit you at the crunch moment. So I just decided to do a long jog-run of twice round Green Park and twice round St James Park. Second, just couldn’t do the distance. It would have been challenging but did twice round Green Park and half way round SJP on first circuit when my body just gave up.

Good gym on Sun

In bed by 10pm on Sat and alarm went off at 7am but I slept in till 8. Made up for Sat’s crap jog-run by doing a good session at the gym. All body parts covered and 4km on the rowing maching – just over 18 mins. I could feel my leg muscles aching afterwards, I love that feeling.

The good stuff

I was really pissed off about my disastrous jog-run but decided it couldn’t ruin my weekend, just one of those things and hopefully it will be right next weekend. Good things that happened on the rest of Sat and Sun:

  • Had a potter round two good charity shops and ended up with a bag full of books and DVDs.
  • Nice catch-up lunches with Dave on both days including planning the week ahead. My Sat lunch itself was very healthy: tandoori chicken, rice, salad and humus.
  • Watched the classic Jon Pertwee Dr Who adventure ‘The Mutants’ whilst doing stuff on the pooter. Can’t remember seeing it as a kid. Very much of its time (early 70s with the end of the British Empire) about a planet becoming independent and an apartheid like society.
  • Continued my daily languages workouts on DuoLingo and did practice around JavaScript on CodeAcademy.
  • Enjoyed Strictly particularly Ed Balls’ wonderfully flamboyant samba though annoyed Tameka went out. Me thinks the judges chose the stereotype dancer rather than the fun one.
  • Also loved BBC2’s brilliant Boy George programme about growing up in 70s suburban London ‘Boy George’s 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia ‘. Wondeful memories of Glam Rock, Bowie, Larry Grayson, Punk, and New Romantics. Well worth catching on i-player.
  • Ongoing reading of my paper book and my kindle book.
  • Making contact with my old colleague Pat. Hopefully we will meet up for coffee next week.

Dr Who audio adventures: ‘I.D.’ (sixth Doctor Colin Baker)

Another adventure with no companion. And like ‘The Wishing Beast’, one main adventure and one mini adventure. The main one is perfectly OK about robots whose programmes are sabotaged to make them dangerous. And some interesting thoughts about the inter-action between people and robots. Giles Brandreth guests and his conversations in the Extras section are wonderfully whimsical. Overall, decent stories but not one of the best audio adventures.

My own mental health

autumn in london And finally… The weather has changed and I can feel my mood declining with the temperature and daylight. I always need to prepare myself for this time. Indeed autumn is often worse than winter. This is because the latter means we are in the middle of the worst and spring is next. Whereas the former means the worst is yet to come and we have no way of knowing if it will be a bad winter.


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