Is it OK to feel anger?

Sun 12 – Sat 18 July 2020

In last week’s blog, I wrote about the importance of viewing life through a lens of gratitude. Being appreciative for all the good things that happen. Things are happening in my life that I don’t feel comfortable talking about at the moment. And my emotions are very up and down (I’m not pregnant LOL). This week I’ve been having my own anger at life and dealing with the anger of others.

‘Anger is an energy’

Quotation by John Lydon (aka Jonny Rotten of the Sex Pistols). Bit like him as a person – true in part but also bullshit. It is definitely OK to feel anger. There is so much unfairness in the world and without anger then we just accept it lying down. But anger can also be destructive and often in itself leads nowhere.

Anger is about injustice

Demo picture

It is so important that we show we are angry. Right-wingers may froth against it but the Black Lives Matter protests are a correct way for young people in particular to show their feelings. As is the anger of people of all ages at our stupid and corrupt government having let people needlessly die of Covid. But what comes after? Anger must just be a stage that leads us onto something more creative and constructive.

Being on the receiving end of anger

Initially this can be very scary. But if it continues then it becomes normal and easy to brush off. Such that the people or a person with anger becomes a caricature and can be easily dismissed especially as other people around them move on.

Feel anger but channel it

So yes let’s feel anger when we are slighted or treated unfairly or being used or at the receiving end of prejudice or when we see people profiting at our expense. But we also need to take that anger and move to the next stage where we do something useful with it. I appreciate this is not always easy to do.

An expression of anger

Health and Efficiency


man weighing himself

My weight is definitely creeping up. I am now definitely over 13 and a half stones. But to bring it down is going to depend on me taking deliberate action. And that means eating less. Perhaps what I need to do is to channel my anger and turn it into the resolve necessary to lose weight?


My normal 5K on Sun morning was as enjoyable as ever. Basically the same time as the previous week so no downward trend continued. But still a decent enough time of 32 minutes and 15 seconds. I know time isn’t everything, and I had fun running in the quiet and brightness of the morning. 🙂


Back to the doc’s on Thurs for the check on my blood clotting levels. Decent reading though they want it a bit lower (less likely to have internal bleeding) so a very small reduction in the level of meds to take. They wanted me back in a fortnight to check and I said no. Agreed it could be extended to 3 weeks, not quite the patient in control but moving in that direction. 🙂

How to wear a mask - don't let anything hang out

Books and Reading

The Warmer Collection

This is a collection of stories linked to the ones I read about the future by different writers and published by Amazon. This collection is about climate change and was actually written before the Future Collection. The stories feel more ‘personal’ than the other collection. Inevitably one of the things being covered is anger amongst various feelings and emotions generated by the climate crisis.

  • ‘The Way the World Ends’ by Jess Walter A fun, quirky story looking at the lives of 3 people thrown together by climate change. Delightful in that it gives a glimpse of their whole lives.
  • ‘Boca Raton’ by Lauren Groff Do not read if you are feeling down LOL. The story of a mother hitting a crisis over her fears for the future.
  • ‘Controller’ by Jesse Kellerman A dark story about how the rising temperatures will undermine family structures.

Meanwhile, in real book world…

Still reading the historical fiction book set in ancient Greece – good fun. 🙂 What will I read next? Need to make sure I read the Velvet Page book in time for our next meeting but that’s still a fortnight away.

Personal Development

This must become my focus for the future

Going forward I must focus more on personal development. My anger with the world needs to be channelled into me becoming a ‘better’ person. Clearly what that actually means is a debate in itself. Indeed, you could say weight loss, gym, and running are part of PD. For me, PD really refers to how I stimulate my brain and increase my knowledge.

Ongoing success with languages, social media and emails

I regularly write about how I am trying to improve my language skills and that carries on. Thank God for Duolingo and Drops. 🙂 And I continue to actively engage with social media but making sure I stay on top of emails and delete stuff regularly.

Did I tell you I am writing my first novel?

Not sure if I have written about this before in my blog. May well not have because there’s a danger that it’s shit and never gets published. 🙂 As with all stories, it’s based in part on one’s own life experiences. But following on from anger, one of the best quotations I ever heard was ‘the best revenge I can have is the life I live now’. I try to write a bit of the novel now and then, currently up to about 48,000 words and aiming for 100,000.

People to feel anger about - Ivanka Trump

Friends and Family

Mum: getting older

Regularly spending time with mum each week away from Dave (poor sod, he should have been at a festival in northern Germany this week – cancelled 🙁 ). I can see anger and frustration in her. But there is also a sense of being resigned. Perhaps we all feel like that as we get older with the chances and choices we had fast disappearing. Despite being very future-focused, I certainly dwell a lot on what could have been.

But she’s a good sounding board

Surprised woman

But mum can also be incredibly deadpan and funny. The look on her face about certain things and her put downs can be brilliant. For instance, on what a woman may be wearing, ‘That’s not a skirt, that’s a belt’. 🙂 I often feel she’s a good weather vane for the general public. If she doesn’t get something I’m talking about or doesn’t agree, then the majority of people probably won’t even if my circle of friends would be in sympathy.

Art and Culture

Why isn’t there enough time?

I do feel anger and regret about simply not having the time to do the things I really want to do. But is that my fault? Should I manage my time better – the ‘individualism’ school of thought? Or simply that everything I want to do can’t be done in the time available? With the latter, I really should let go of the anger though stay ambitious.

Two great TV programmes

It’s really easy to claim TV isn’t culture but that is pure snobbery. There is nothing that makes cinema, dance, theatre or opera ‘better’ than a well made TV programme. There is so much of the latter that clearly there will be a high percentage of crap but there will also be some brilliance.

‘Keith Haring: Street Art Boy’

An excellent documentary about the artist Keith Haring – watch it here. Me and Dave saw his brilliant exhibition at Tate Liverpool; read about it in a previous blog. A unique artist and someone tragically stolen from us by AIDS. The programme showed the artistic energy that came through the anger and despair of the late 70s into the 80s. But horrendous that we never got rid of Thatcher, AIDS arrived, and out of that period came the conservatism and nationalism of that are the roots of our current problems – Trump, Brexit, etc. 🙁

I'm leaving the bank to pursue a solo career

‘Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make Up Star’

One of those contests where people compete against each other with one being eliminated each week. This one is primarily young people and all about the best people in using make up. I feel the level they are at makes this into artistic expression. Some of the stuff they are doing is absolute genius. Highly recommended, watch here.

The Week Ahead

  • In theory there shouldn’t be any reasons for me to feel anger, in theory…
  • Sun morning jog-run – could be raining which is refreshing 🙂
  • Will I make any reduction in weight, have I got real drive to do this?
  • Thankfully a week without any medical appointments
  • Carry on reading the stories in the Warmer Collection and finish my historical fiction reading book.
  • Might make a trip to the library again. But I’ve also got a load of magazines I subscribe to that need reading.
  • Gonna carry on with my language learning and writing my novel 🙂
  • Really excited that Pootlepress are running a webinar next Tues on what’s coming with the new version of WordPress 🙂
  • Will spend time with mum and make sure she’s OK
  • Must find more time with my friends
  • Must do more around art and culture but carry on watching good TV

And Finally…

The virus ain’t gone away yet folks

Avoid the three Cs - protect yourself from Covid-19

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