I’m back, bet you missed me

And so I have returned to the city I love so much – London. There’s a liberation theology thing that is something like: The church is my mother, my mother is a whore, I still love my mother. That sort of sums up how I feel about my home city. Drives me crazy and lots of things about it that I detest but I still love it; it really is home. ¬†And great to see Dave again though I don’t think his diet has benefited from his trip to France. His little face is slightly sunburnt as well – so sweet.

Talking of diets, back to the scales this morning to find out I had put on three-quarters of a pound. Disappointing to put on anything but am I really surprised after a week of no exercise, alcohol & rich food? Still that’s another pound to lose – ho hum. Early night last night for reading and lights out by 10.30. Feel good this morning (what cracking weather!) and back to my usual weekend routine of walk to gym and awaiting its opening at 10. Currently doing my blog in the coffee shop and I am so looking forward to getting back to the gym. Won’t go too mad because I should be here tomorrow morning as well.

Later it’s lunch with Dave then he’s going swimming. I’ll go back to do pooter work – start to catch up on work e-mails & practice languages a bit more. Aims that have come up from holiday period – lose weight, get better body, improve language skills, don’t give my life to work, and be more au fait with digital.

Reading continues, of course. Nearly finished Timewyrm: Genesys (spelling mistake noted in previous blog). Ah, love such a comforting read. Will start the second installment today Timewyrm: Exodus. A lovely bit of alternative history. Picked up an edition of Paul Bowles’ Short Stories in Oxfam yesterday. He’s part of that post-war group of writers fascinated by North Africa. I think he was gay but I might be getting him mixed up with the many other gay men who went out to Morocco. I wonder if I will ever have the time to read theses short stories? It will sit on my lovely bookshelves and I will probably re-discover it to read in a couple of years.


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