If you’re going through Hell, keep going

Sun 1 – Sat 7 March 2020

skulls in wall

Another dreary week. Not quite Hell but definitely dark. And it feels like we just need to put our heads down and get through it. The world is dominated by the growing drama of the coronavirus. Hopefully it won’t be as awful as some of the projections but we don’t know. 🙁

I wonder what we will be thinking when we look back on this blog in a year’s time (assuming we are still alive)?

Health and Efficiency

Jog-run – 2 in 1 week!

First run

animation of a fat man running

Almost unique situation where I did 2 10K jog-runs in 1 blog week. First took place unusually last Sun morning rather than Sat – pouring rain put paid to that. Not 100% sure whether to go out as the glands in my neck felt painful and swollen. But decided to do just a 5K if necessary and I was running on the back of a ton of sleep on Sat as detailed in my previous blog.

Really pleased that I went ahead. A slow time (1 hour, 4 mins, 30 seconds) but I felt good doing the run. Some decent 1 km stretches of just over 6 mins but also some close to (but not over) the dreaded 7 mins. Always shows the value of just taking a chance on exercise. At worst, you can just chuck in the towel but the key thing is to try.

Second run


Out the following Sat morning. Strangely I had planned to go out Sun but the threat of rain again meant I had to switch days. A nice early night on Fri meant I felt good (it’s that thing about the power of sleep). Turned out to be not a brilliant time but an improvement on the previous jog-run: 1 hour, 4 mins.

Again no stretches over 7 mins but didn’t feel mega-fast. Main issue was my right knee. An old injury that was quite aggravated. Think that was partly a result of doing yoga the day before and gym the day before that with some focus on legs at the gym. A rest day would probably have lead to a faster time.

Short videos about both jog-runs can be seen here


Just 2 sessions last week: Mon and Thurs mornings. Both decent 45-60 min workouts focusing on some parts of my body not all of them.


Finally made it back to my community yoga group on Fri. There was only 6 of us + the tutor. Everyone was pleased to see me and many thought I would not be returning at all. I explained work was the reason I had missed the last 4 weeks and the reason they wouldn’t see me for another fortnight at least.

Good session focused on abs and breathing. The tutor was also very enthusiastic that we don’t get stuck in our comfort-zones; good advice for life in general.

Rest day

In line with my new theory, I took a ‘rest day’ from exercise on Tues morning. Still went to work in the afternoon but spent the morning chilling – drinking coffee and reading. Also did some travel bookings; good to get that sorted at last.


man weighing himself

I’m noting that my weight seems to be slowly creeping up again. 🙁 I’m heading back to the 13 and a half stone mark. I need to take action now to gradually reverse that trend. Something like eating less and eating more healthily particularly fruit and veg.

Books and Reading

‘Vicious’ by V.E. Schwab

An interesting sci-fi / fantasy book. It’s basically a Marvel-style adventure film put into a reading book format. It also reminded me a lot of the American TV programmes incorporating teenagers and magic – think stuff like Buffy. Fundamentally a group of teenagers acquire super powers and then start killing each other. That’s a bit cynical and it is a well-written book.

shadowy streets

Indeed, starting to read it I felt it was just trash and wondered whether to abandon. But I continued to the end and decided it is a good book. However, it could have been a lot better if it wasn’t so tailored to the American market and that comic book world view of the inevitable triumph of good.

‘The man who saw everything’ by Deborah Levy

A quite short but wonderfully disorientating serious reading book. It starts off in the late 1980s with a man visiting East Germany before the wall came down. Slowly the story unravels and we find that (probably) the story is set in the modern day. The man is (probably) dying and all the characters who we thought we knew are mixed up. It’s a wonderful way of looking back on a life – recommended. 🙂

Velvet Page and Library

Happened on Thurs night and I wasn’t there. 🙁 Just simply knacked after a busy time at work. Plus it was an evening of Hell type weather: cold and pouring rain. Very sad to miss it but one of those things.

However, on Sat morning after my jog-run, I popped to the local library. 4 books to take back and got out 6 new ones. 🙂 I love just wandering around libraries.

Other stuff

Work Life Balance

Back to normal work days – hooray. But a very busy and intense week that lacked the pleasurable ease of the previous one. Oh well, that’s what happens – smooth and tough. Still managed an external meet-up which was good to do. 🙂

Whole week was definitely made easier by a series of competitive bake-offs to raise money for Sport Relief. Some of my colleagues are amazingly talented cooks.

Art and Culture

Big fat zero on this one. Got to do some next week.

Personal Development

progress being made

So continued the focus to keep my emails low by deleting what I can’t get through. This is so wonderfully relaxing – about learning to let go. Also continuing to do my language learning on the apps especially Duolingo. Don’t think it will make me fluent but it’s laying good foundations.


Mum continues to be ill with various ailments including things that come with age and are hard to relieve such as arthritis in different parts of her body. 🙁 I’m advising her to stay indoors simply as the best way to protect herself from the coronavirus. My role is very much about making sure she has the supplies she needs to stay comfortable.

The Week Ahead

  • Some changes in work hours next week particularly being out all day on Fri doing bucket collections at train stations for Sport Relief. 🙂
  • Aim is 3 or 4 gym sessions and a jog-run on Sat. No yoga cos I’ll be out collecting money.
  • Reading ‘The King’s Evil’ by Andrew Taylor, next in the series of a historical fiction saga. It’s very good. 🙂
  • Need to book my INR to check my blood clotting level
  • Sun my mate Rob (Swing It) is up from Brighton. The plan is to go to Tate Britain so providing my injection of Art and Culture. Then me and Dave are taking our friend Stuart out for dinner on Mon night.

And Finally

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