If you can’t stand the heat…

What a great week to be off work and it has not only been hot but busy – when is my life not? I have tried to regain the initiative on some of my key target areas and have made some really good progress around ‘fitness’:

  • I have been to the gym three times this week (Sun, Tues, Thurs) and they have been good workouts each time. I would still love to be able to go every day.
  • I got a session in with Sara my trainer on Monday – we are doing kettlebells to boost my glutes, hamstrings and thighs; hard work and it leaves my legs aching.
  • I have also had a session with my physio and treated myself to a massage – both therapists have worked on my legs which was what I really wanted.

In a related area, weight, I think I might also be making progress. I always eat less when I am not at work (stress eating?) and this has been combined with the heat to say possibly, and I whisper this, that I may have lost a little bit of weight.


And finally… I bought myself some new running trainers though simply an update of my old Brooks trainers bought about three years ago. I also treated myself to a new pair of padded running socks because the running shop gave me a £10 loyalty voucher. Then I did my Saturday morning jog and did not record my best ever time / distance but had a bloody good jog (main problem being dry and hot weather rather than last week’s lovely refreshing rain).

In terms of reading, I am still plodding through my time management book which basically says keep calm and create a work cycle of dealing with everything that arises within 24 hours but do not let anything new come into that ‘closed list’ of things to do – so creating a virtuous cycle where everything is processed and dealt with tomorrow. It is interesting but not gripping. However, I did read for fun J.R. Ackerley’s ‘Me and my father’. A great memoir of a gay man born at the end of the nineteenth century. It is primarily about the disconnect between him and his father who it turns out kept a secret mistress who he had three daughters by (this all only came to light after the father’s death) and the father may well have been involved with a circle of gay men when he was younger. But the book is also about the son’s own developing gay life after World War One including his ongoing search for a life partner during the time when it was illegal to be gay. On finishing this book, I have moved onto another Sir Terry Pratchett Disc World novel ‘The Last Continent’. Great fun as usual and so bloody clever. I should have read this before the last book in the series I read ‘Carpe Jugulum’ – getting books out of order does freak my control tendencies but no real damage done.

Although it has been lovely not having to go into work for a week, I have been naughty by keeping a daily check on my work e-mails and responding to urgent ones. This really does make work easier when I get back – I will not have any nasty surprises or spend hours dealing with e-mails when I can be getting on with far more interesting things. The other work thing I did was to attend a young people’s mental health debate in Hackney on Tuesday at an event called ‘What is Beauty?’. It was arranged by Lucy Ferguson who works at a company called Mediorite. I have to applaud her energy and initiative in arranging this local event to highlight young people’s mental health issues – it was a pleasure to contribute and more details can be found here. It was also nice to visit a part of London I do not really know. And for fun this week I did a trip to Luton and another to Brighton. I got to know Luton through a project I have connected with at work – Youthscape. Luton is a very interesting place, like a piece of London picked up and put into Bedfordshire. It was nice just to get out of London, explore and chill to watch the world go by.

Brighton was a different kettle of fish. I try to go down once a month and stay over to combine seeing as many people as possible. Thursday afternoon I met up with my good and long-term friend James who is battling cancer. He’s still doing well and fighting on – a big meeting next Wednesday and I will be sending him all my best wishes. Then in the evening I met up with my old friend Rob (Swing It). We went to the lovely Turkish restaurant Pomegranate. It was a bit noisy with a leaving do but we had a good catch up especially about the Alsatian he has adopted – ‘Lady’. I found him a porcelain golden Alsatian ashtray and he was chuffed. A night cap in the busy hotel bar followed on Friday morning by visits to ‘my old chaps’ Bob and Brian. I saw Bob at his nursing home and pushed him into Portslade for a coffee then along by the sea (knackering). Brian I met at Café Rococo and he gave me the latest news on his dog as well. And while I was in Brighton I checked out my favourite charity shops returning with a bag of gay literature that Dave will not be happy with (‘more books!’).

Talking of the devil, he’s been up in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. I did not see him till late on Friday and, as ever, it was great to catch up. But he had a great time and has fallen in love with the city as I much as I have – when we spoke one night he was in the Polo Lounge where I have had some great nights out. I stayed over Dave’s place one night this week primarily to water his beloved plants both within the flat and on his prize-winning balconies. I watched the Opening Ceremony – still cannot work out if it was crazy or genius. But it is good to have such a great and big sporting festival to dip in and out of on the television. The other nights I was in London, I spent with mum who is OK though still eating too much and being antagonised by the heat (though I am sure she also winds me up for devilment).

Little else to tell you about from my lovely week off work. I did have some nice time sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, reading my book, and eyeing up the sexy guys going past – what else is summer is for? Also I had two very nice ‘table for one’ meals. I love eating on my own with delicious food at Pierre Victoire and Govinda’s. And I even managed to get some Duolingo sessions in working on my French, Spanish and German language skills. Work this week Tuesday onwards and I have got to get my appraisal written – sigh.

Website of the week: http://www.mediorite.co.uk

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