I so prefer mornings to evenings

So I’m writing my blog in the evening rather than the morning. I have a big love of mornings – I feel excited and optimistic. Evenings I feel knackered. All my best work is done in the morning but today there just wasn’t time to get everything done before work. Yep back to work today – aaaagh! Seriously, wasn’t too bad but mainly because I left on the dot at 5pm instead of my usual leaving time of about 6-6.30. Today at work has mainly been about checking on what I’ve missed whilst I’ve been away (especially e-mails) and planning for the future. One of my university tutors said the secret of a great essay is lots of planning and then write quickly once the plan is complete. Like with work, good to plan what’s got to be done and then plough into it.

Yesterday (Monday) was a lovely day. Did the gym doing exercises I don’t normally do. It’s so easy just to do the stuff you enjoy and find easy. Then back home to see mum and my little brother. Everybody is fine though mum is pretty knacked after her dog-sitting week. Out in the sunshine for coffee and reading. Still getting on with Timewyrm: Exodus; great fun and written by the cool sci-fi writer Terrance Dicks. I do need to find time to do my language learning as well.



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