Greetings from Spain

Well here I am back in Sitges. I worked out that I’ve been coming here since before the Euro was introduced – was that 1992? I can remember all the prices being in Pesetas and, it really is true, everything was cheaper. Sitges has not changed much. Still the haunt of ‘beautiful’ gay couples and everybody trying to outdo everybody else in terms of wealth, connections, bodies, etc. Could I live here permanently? I’m not sure and I still need to explore more of the rest of Spain. Madrid in October I’m thinking. I’ve brought China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station with me to read. A big book I’ve had for ages and it is very good. Fantasy rather than sci fi and some of the ideas are now very much part of mainstream fantasy/sci fi thinking in literature and on TV. But still definitely worth reading and the mythical city created alongside its varied inhabitants are well crafted. Much better than Gormenghast which I found unrewarding hard work. Back to getting eaten by insects – they definitely love me.

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