Feeling good

It’s Thursday and I’ve just had an excellent gym workout. Sitting in Starbucks writing up my blog. I know they are crap on paying the taxes they should (and I think most companies fit into that category) but I do like free wi-fi, free (ab)use of their electricity supply to charge my chromebook and mobile, and it is the new social space for people to chill without any pressure to move on.

No blog yesterday, just too much busyness at work. Overall, a good day and lots achieved. It’s often great to get out of the office but sometimes it’s also wonderful to just have a day sat at the desk and plough through e-mails. A couple of meetings of course as well. I’m trying to clear paper off my desk and e-mails out of my account. I got a good feeling recently when I went to a presentation by a social media guru. He showed a link between his e-mail account and something else – the main thing I noticed were the hundreds of unopened e-mails. No good being a guru if you can’t keep on top of everything.

Managed to get a bit of Duolingo done on Monday night but, unfortunately, nothing yesterday. It’s a great website and I would highly recommend it as a way to start learning any language (plus their looking for native speakers to boost the range of language teaching they can offer). Looks like me and my lovely work colleague Meliz will be attending conversation classes in Spanish together – should be fun.

Yesterday evening I had a chill-out at the sauna then met Dave for dinner at our current fave restaurant – Frankiee & Benny’s. I had the pizza but fear not I kept it healthy by having a very nice house side salad. Went for lunch with my sexy and neurotically funny friend Philip who offered to put me on a planned diet to help lose weight. I turned down his kind offer; he’s got a fab body but I don’t want the restricted diet he has. I love my danish pastries too much.

Meeting Jane for lunch today which will be fun but must stop here persuading me to drink too much. Then off to Lewes to see my poor mate James who is dealing valiantly with cancer. Ideally I would like to get a massage this evening as I know a great masseur in Brighton but don’t know if there will be time. I’m staying over tonight and tomorrow going to see my two old friends Bob and Brian who are both dealing with the problems that come through ageing. Then the weekend – yaay!

So, overall, I’m feeling fine and happy. It’s important to just appreciate times like these. I’ve missed out on doing that in the past and regret it now. Life if about being happy and contented. Oh and I’ve booked a training course in WordPress so, hopefully, my website will start looking more interesting.


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