El fin de semana a la playa (the weekend at the beach)

Fri 30 Sept – Sun 2 Oct 2016

Chilled Fri morning

Up Fri morning though getting a bit later each day perhaps as I become more acclimatised to being on holiday. Into town around 9pm for breakfast. All very sleepy as the pueblo recovered from the feria the night before. A couple of coffees and tostada con mantequilla y mermelade (bread roll toasted with butter and jam). Bumped into Philip on the way back who was off to his private Spanish speaking lesson.

Beach at Almayate

Lunch at home, a very nice tortilla con ensalada (tortilla with salad). Then off to the first beach we could lay on (Torrox Costa in the gale didn’t count) as the sun was out and the wind was down.¬†Almayate is a naturist beach near the town of Velez-Malaga – where a gas cylinder exploded over the weekend! It’s a mixed beach but a large number of gay guys go there. There is actually a camp & caravan site right next to it and many people stay there for a week. Not the easiest turn-off to find to get there. A nice beach but very sandy. One of Philip’s mate’s turned up (Jose) who is a language teacher. Quite funny because he clearly fanices Philip but tis not reciprocated. I drifted in and out of sleep on the beach whilst they chatted. Also had a dip in the sea not least to wash the sand off. It was lovely and warm.

Chilled Fri evening

Ate in on Fri evening – Philip did quorn in a veggie sauce, very pleasant. Before that I popped into town for the feria which was very busy particularly with kids and teenagers. Fri night, holiday and feria should be a recipe for a riotous night out. But I was knacked and went to bed around 10.30.


Not up mega-early on Sat, around 9. I am sleeping solidly and not rushing to get up.¬†Lovely not to set the alarm. Philip was off to the gym and dropped me off in Nerja again. Found a couple of nice little cafes and did some reading then headed back to where his gym is on the edge of town. Quite impressive that I worked out the way to walk back there. Lunch at the spit and sawdust cafe by his gym. It was actually very nice and touching that they had no eggs (huevos) for Philip’s tortilla so an old man customer (who looked drunk) got on his moped and rode off to the collect some.

Beach at Cantarrijan with mountain goats

beach with lots of stonesAfter that we went off to the very nice beach at Cantarrijan. Another naturist beach near Nerja. Different to Almayate with being all stoney. Loved the comment to the pic I put on Facebook that it looked like a quarry more than a beach. Busy because it was Saturday both with gay and straight people. But I had a lovely time laying in the sun and walking about. Also went in the sea twice. Water was beautifully clear and warm. Real treat in that when I went off the beach into the ‘wild’ area for a piss, I saw two mountain goats walking about. Looked like a mum and her offspring. Spent about 4 hours at this beach – lovely.

Duck tikka dansak

Back to the house and pottering before out to an Indian restaurant in Torrox Costa. We had been very lucky with the parking despite it being feria and parking being at a premium. Restaurant was only medium busy – suspect most locals were at the feria. Duck tikka dansak screamed out to be tried but was slighly disappointing as the duck was not very tastable under the heavy curry sauce. Back and bed by 11. I just can’t do late nights though neither can Philip. Meanwhile feria carried on in the plaza.

Digital catch-up

street with plantsSun was a very quiet day. Up around 9 or 10 and out for coffee at the Spanish equivalent of a greasy spoon cafe – nowhere else was open. Met a reveller from the night before who was totally tanked up but had worked in London and insisted on paying for my coffee. The rest of the day was spent primarily on the pooter. Sounds sad but I used the time to catch up on personal and work emails whilst listening to English radio. It’s actually really nice to have time to do that and ensure I am not swamped when I get home. We ate in though I was out for coffee in the afternoon. Feria’s last night and we could hear the fireworks. We watched the film ‘Philadelphia’ with Spanish sub-titles. Good for learning Spanish but I had forgotten what a melodramatic film it is especially with too much bloody opera.

Dave and mum

Obviously I have been keeping up with Dave and mum whilst I am away. Mum is fine though it sounds as though things are very quiet apart from when my brother visits at the weekend. Dave is really busy. Probably keeping himself deliberately busy to ensure he is not distraught with me not being around. Last week he did an over-nigher in Belfast for work and before I get back he has to go to Cornwall. For the weekend he has been visiting friends in Dundee. Very nice though the train journey is six hours there and the same to get back.

Books and reading

I have been reading a heavy sci-fi book on my kindle which I will write about more once I have finished it. But I have also been reading a normal (paper) book primarily because it’s not always that easy to read a kindle on the beach.

‘Exile in Guyville’ by Dave White

One of my books picked up at the Crusaid shop for 50p. It’s a humourous one about a non-stereotype fat gay guy who moves with his partner from Texas to live in in the gay mecca West Hollywood. The writer’s partner loves their new home but the writer hates it for being so gay and stereotype Los Angeles. Interestingly when I told Philip about this book, he had been to West Hollywood and hated it as well. The book is fundamentally a series of diary entries about all the weird things that happen to the author there. Written late 90s / early 00s but still very prescient about the horrors of living in an artificial place.

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