Busy but reflection as well

I haven’t had time to blog daily so this is a review of the last five work days. I had written a mid-week blog but decided it was too work orientated. Work, para mi, must be a means to an end not the end in itself. And so I’ve re-written the blog to look at my life over five days in a more holistic round.

I can’t ignore work and it’s been full on on my work days (both in the office and working remotely). Dave is fine though he had to get through two particularly tough days. He did and he always does. Though he also had a day off mid-week and made the most of it. Also he’s better when I push him to come out in evening for a bite to eat and drink; he has an annoying habit of wanting to stay indoors. The demands with my work never seem to lessen and I always feel like someone spinning plates, keeping check which ones need a spin whilst the others can look after themselves at that moment. The new No Al Desko rule on Tuesday worked and I actually enjoyed being forced away from my desk at lunchtime and out of the office for a full hour. And once every few weeks means we should be able to keep to the new rule. I’ve booked an unexpected trip to Scotland for work – means being away from home but it’s Glasgow and that is a city I am really enjoying visiting. One thing I did take from work this week was the importance of not rushing into decisions and taking time to reflect before acting (bit like Obama?)

Health-wise (and what else could be more important?) my ‘hayfever’ has definitely incorporated a cold. I’ve been full of catarrh and coughing all the time. Indeed an older gentleman turned round on the bus yesterday and offered me a cough sweet! The cold has died down but the hayfever remains and I’m getting through a handkerchief each day. I like old fashioned cloth handkerchiefs and they are not ‘disease carriers’ as my brother says if they are changed and washed regularly. I’ve shouldered on with work and gym because there are so many things I want to get on with. Also after Monday’s gym session I went off for a health check up – hopefully no problems but I should know within a fortnight. Managed gym on Monday and Thursday morning. Saw my physio on Monday evening regarding my knee problem and leg problem in general. We’ve done some good work without surgery but know I’m so tense with my legs waiting for the next muscle, joint or tendon to go. And, of course, tension only makes the chance of injury more likely. I think I have a general problem with relaxing. And good news, this week I haven’t missed any of my morning or evening meds plus sleep has been good overall (perhaps because I’m knackered?) though there was one night where I woke up at 2am totally convinced I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. As I always have to do in these situations, I just relax through them though my head was also quite buzzy especially with work stuff.

Socially not a lot has happened. Mum’s actual 70th birthday was on Monday and I spent some of the day with her plus took her out for a curry in the evening. She says she’s starting to feel old now. I don’t understand how people can abandon elderly parents or relatives – though they often appear later on to check if they’ve been left anything. I view looking after mum and the old chaps in Brighton in a karma type way. Hopefully me keeping an eye out for them will mean someone might do the same when I am old. I was supposed to meet my old friend Dave for dinner one night but he went to the theatre, we are meeting next week instead. This gave me a chance to vegetate at home. Mum is really funny with the way she hates the World Cup and spends all her time watching anything but that even if it’s something she would not normally watch. Indeed, we ended up watching a programme about tigers… Shock about Spain going out of World Cup on Wednesday night (poor Spain) though I can’t say the same about England. My prediction for Uruguay was a draw. Someone said I was too pessimistic – that was me being optimistic.

Lots of coffee to relax – after stressful work to disconnect my day and early to set me up for the day. Linked to people watching and chilling. One of my key forms of relaxing – looking at the world go past whilst dipping into a book. Overall, my feelings this week have been a bit up and down. But I was particularly saddened when chatting to one of the gym regulars as to how frustrated he felt. Amazing how we don’t realise what others are going through. Book-wise, I finished the Dr Who Timewyrm sequence. Perhaps not as good as I was hoping but still pretty strong considering the books were written nearly 25 years ago. Onto Steven Levy’s 2011 book on Google ‘In The Plex’. It’s OK and good to have a real world read after fantasy fiction – might write a small review of it separately. Failed to make any great language progress beyond a couple of times on the ever-wonderful Duolingo and no real progress at all in knowing more about coding beyond booking a WordPress training day.

A big event this week was doing a workshop in Oxford on Friday with an early start and so I did a stopover the night before. Horribly crowded trains there and back. Oxford itself was very busy and annoyed me initially as being too similar to Brighton particularly with people having the attitude that they are above everybody else. My hotel was on the edge of town as it turns out all central hotels are busy and expensive because it’s graduation. Frustrating at first sight but actually OK with a very efficient park and ride. Had a nice evening meal in Oxford and then spent time back at the hotel chilling in the Starbucks on the motorway service station I was part of. Actually had a very good night’s sleep though perhaps linked to England losing so quiet out? My trip gave me a nice break and showed me the value of not going with first opinions, being flexible, and simply enjoying things as they come along.

2 thoughts on “Busy but reflection as well

  1. I had thought I had a busy life! Reading your “week” certainly put my obsession that I’m stressed into perspective. You also seem to do so much out of work Billy. I wonder why some of us fill our days doing things? X

    1. Hi Mandy, Thank you so much for my first non-spam comment! Hope you are well. Life does feel busy at the moment which might well explain why I feel knacked so often and why I can get so irritable. Perhaps I should look at how to build more simple do-nothing time?

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