Books I have read

This really is an ongoing ‘work in progress’, slowly but surely I am listing all the books I have read as a record for posterity; it’s a labour of love.

‘Aphrodisiac. Fiction from Christopher Street’ (1980)
’11 Doctors, 11 stories’ (2013)
‘Peter Davison’s Book of Alien Planets’ (1983)
‘Shatila Stories’ (2018)

Forward Collection (2019) :

  • Roth, Veronica ‘Ark’
  • Crouch, Blake ‘Summer Frost’
  • Jemisin, N.K. ‘Emergency Skin’
  • Towles, Amor ‘You Have Arrived at Your Destination’
  • Tremblay, Paul ‘The Last Conversation’
  • Weir, Andy ‘Randomize’

Warmer Collection (2018)

  • Walter, Jess ‘The Way the World Ends’
  • Groff, Lauren ‘Boca Raton’
  • Kellerman, Jesse ‘Controller’
  • Lepucki, Edan ‘There’s No Place Like Home’
  • Horack, Skip ‘Falls the Shadow’
  • Larson, Sonya ‘At the Bottom of New Lake’
  • Smiley, Jane ‘The Hillside’  

Dark Corners Collection (2018)

  • McMahon, Jennifer ‘Hannah-Beast’
  • Unger, Lisa ‘Sleep Tight Motel’
  • Cantero, Edgar ‘There’s a giant trapdoor spider under your bed’
  • Oates, Joyce Carol ‘Miao Dao’
  • Raboteau, Emily ‘The Tangled Woods’
  • Haslett, Adam ‘The Remedy’

The Far Reaches Collection (2023)

  • Corey, James S A ‘How It Unfolds’
  • Leckie, Ann ‘The Long Game’
  • Okorafor, Nnedi ‘Just Out of Jupiter’s Reach’
  • Roanhorse, Rebecca ‘Falling Bodies’
  • Roth, Veronica ‘Void’
  • Scalzi, John ‘Slow Time Between the Stars’

Aaronovitch, Ben ‘Rivers of London’ (2011); ‘Moon Over Soho’ (2011); ‘Whispers Under Ground’ (2012); ‘Broken Homes’ (2013); ‘Foxglove Summer’ (2014); ‘The Hanging Tree’ (2016); ‘The Furthest Station’ (2017); ‘Lies Sleeping’ (2018); ‘The October Man’ (2019); ‘False Value’ (2020); ‘What Abigail did that summer’ (2021); ‘Amongst Our Weapons’ (2022); ‘Winter’s Gifts’ (2023)
Aciman, Andre ‘Call Me By Your Name’ (2007)
Ackerley, J.R. ‘My Father & Myself’ (1968)
Ackroyd, Peter ‘The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde’ (1983); ‘The English Ghost’ (2010); ‘Three Brothers’ (2013); ‘Queer City: Gay London from Romans to the Present Day’ (2017)
Adair, Gilbert ‘Live and Death on Long Island’ (1990); ‘A Closed Book’ (1999); ‘The Dreamers’ (2003)
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ (2007)
Adiga, Aravind ‘The White Tiger’ (2008)
Adkins, A.D. ‘Ecstasy, Sorted and On One’ (1995)
Afrika, Tatamkhulu ‘Bitter Eden’ (2002)

Ai Weiwei ‘ 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows’ (2021)
Al Aswany, Alaa ‘The Yacoubian Building’ (2002)
Alcock, Stevan ‘Blood Relatives’ (2015)
Alderman, Naomi ‘Disobedience’ (2006); ‘The Power’ (2016)
Aldiss, Brian ‘Non-Stop’ (1958); ‘Cryptozoic!’ (1967); ‘The Hand-Reared Boy’ (1970); ‘Helliconia’ (1982-5)
Al-Kadhi, Amrou ‘Unicorn: The memoir of a muslim drag queen’ (2019)
Allan, Clare ‘Poppy Shakespeare’ (2006)
Allison, Robert ‘The Letter Bearer’ (2014)
Amory, Richard ‘Song of the Loon’ (1966)
Anders, Charlie Jane ‘All the Birds in the Sky’ (2016); ‘The City in the Middle of the Night’ (2019)
Anderson, Chris ‘Makers: The New Industrial Revolution’ (2013)
Anderson, Poul ‘Tau Zero’ (1970)
Anonymous, ‘A Woman in Berlin. Diary 20 April 1945 to 22 June 1945’ (1954)
Antunes, Antonio Lobo ‘The Land at the End of the World’ ‘Os Cus de Judas’ (1979)

Arden, Tom ‘Nightdreamers’ (2001)
Arditti, Michael ‘The Celibate’ (1993); ‘Easter’ (2000); ‘Good Clean Fun’ (2004); ‘Of Men and Angels’ (2018)
Arenas, Reinaldo ‘Before Night Falls’ ‘Antes que anochezca’ (1992)
Arnold, Catharine ‘Necropolis. London and its Dead’ (2007)
Arnott, Jake ‘Johnny Come Home’ (2006); ‘The Devil’s Paintbrush’ (2009);
‘The House of Rumour’ (2012)
Ashley, Mike [ed.] ‘The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic Science-Fiction’ (2010); ‘Beyond Time. Classic Tales of Time Unwound’ (2019)
Asimov, Isaac ‘Foundation’ (1951); ‘Foundation and Empire’ (1952); ‘Second Foundation’ (1953)

Atherton Lin, Jeremy ‘Gay Bar: Why We Went Out’ (2021)
Athill, Diana ‘Somewhere Towards the End’ (2008); ‘Alive, Alive Oh!: And Other Things That Matter’ (2016)

Atkins, ‘Exiles: Three Island Journeys’ (2022)
Atkinson, Kate ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’ (1995); ‘Case Histories’ (2004); ‘One Good Turn’ (2006); ‘When Will There Be Good News?’ (2008); ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’ (2010); ‘Life After Life’ (2013); ‘A God in Ruins’ (2015); ‘Transcription’ (2018); ‘Big Sky’ (2019); ‘Shrines of Gaiety’ (2022); ‘Normal Rules Don’t Apply. Short Stories’ (2023)
Atwood, Margaret ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (1985)
Auster, Paul ‘The New York Trilogy’ (1987)
Aw, Tash ‘Five Star Billionaire’ (2013)

Baigent, Michael and Leigh, Richard ‘The Inquisition’ (1999)

Bailey, David (ed.) ‘Doctor Who Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins, vol.12’ (2005)
Bailey, Paul ‘Trespasses’ (1970); ‘Gabriel’s Lament’ (1986); ‘An Immaculate Mistake – Scenes from Childhood and Beyond’ (1990); ‘The Prince’s Boy’ (2014)
Bainbridge, Beryl ‘Harriet Said’ (1972); ‘The Dressmaker’ (1973); ‘Young Adolf’ (1978); ‘An Awfully Big Adventure’ (1989); ‘Every Man for Himself’ (1996); ‘The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress’ (2011)
Baker, James Robert ‘Boy Wonder’ (1988)
Baker, Tom ‘Scratchman’ (2019)
Bakker, Gerbrand ‘The Twin’ (2006)
Baldwin, James ‘Giovanni’s Room’ (1957)
Ballard, J G ‘The Crystal World’ (1966); ‘The Voices of Time’ (1974); ‘Crash’ (1975); ‘Empire of the Sun’ (1984); ‘Running Wild’ (1988)
Banks, Iain ‘The Wasp Factory’ (1984)
‘Whit’ (1995)
Barbery, Muriel ‘The Elegance of the Hedgehog’ (2006)
Barker, Clive ‘Books of Blood, vols 1-6’ (1984-1985)
‘Mister B Gone’ (2007)

Barker, Meg-John and Scheele, Julia ‘Queer A Graphic History’ (2016)
Barker, Nicola ‘Wide Open’ (1998); ‘Darkmans’ (2007); ‘Burley Cross Theft’ (2010); ‘The Yips’ (2012); ‘The Cauliflower’ (2016); ‘H(A)PPY’ (2017)
Barker, Pat ‘Blow Your House Down’ (1984); ‘Regeneration’ (1991); ‘The Eye in the Door’ (1993); ‘The Ghost Road’ (1995); ‘Another World’ (1998); ‘Double Vision’ (2003); ‘Toby’s Room’ (2012); ‘The Silence of the Girls’ (2018)

Power reading

Barnes, Adrian ‘ Nod’ (2015)

Barnes, Djuna ‘Nightwood’ (1936)

Barnes, Julian ‘The Sense of an Ending’ (2011)
Barnett, Laura ‘The Versions of Us’ (2015)
Baron, Alexander ‘From the City, From the Plough’ (1948)
Barr, Damian ‘Maggie and Me’ (2013); ‘You Will Be Safe Here’ (2019)
Barry, Sebastian ‘The Secret Scripture’ (2009); ‘Days Without End’ (2016); ‘Old God’s Time’ (2023)
Bartlett, Neil ‘Skin Lane’ (2007); ‘The Disappearance Boy’ (2014)
Bataille, Georges ‘Story of the Eye’ (1928)

Baxter, Stephen ‘The Massacre of Mankind’ (2017)
Bear, Greg ‘Eon’ (1985); ‘Blood Music’ (1985)
Beatty, Paul ‘The Sellout’ (2015)
Beauman, Ned ‘Boxer Beetle’ (2010); ‘Glow’ (2014); ‘Venomous Lumpsucker’ (2022)
Beaumont, Sebastian ‘Two’ (1994)
Beck, Timothy James ‘When You Don’t See Me’ (2007)
Beckett, Chris ‘Dark Eden’ (2012)
Beckford, William ‘Vathek’ (1786)
Beevor, Antony ‘Berlin: The Downfall 1945’ (2002);

Beevor, Anthony & Coooper, Artemis ‘Paris After the Liberation:1944-1949’ (1994)
Ben Jelloum, Tahar ‘Leaving Tangier’ (2006)
Benatar, Stephen ‘The Man on the Bridge’ (1981)

Benderson, Bruce ‘User’ (1994)
Bennett, Ronan ‘Zugzwang’ (2007)
Benson, E.F. ‘Raven’s Brood’ (1934)
Besson, Philippe ‘In The Absence of Men’ (2001)
Binet, Laurent ‘HHhH’ (2009)

Binns, John (ed.) ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #3: A Universe of Terrors’ (2003); ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #5: Steel Skies’ (2003); ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #7: Life Science’ (2004); ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #10: 2040’ (2004)
Birch, Carol ‘Jamrach’s Menagerie’ (2011)

Blakemore, A.K. ‘The Manningtree Witches’ (2021)
Blincoe, Nicholas ‘Acid Casuals’ (1995)
Blissett, Luther ‘Q’ (2000)
Bloom, Amy ‘White Houses’ (2018)
Blum, Jonathan and Orman, Kate ‘Doctor Who: Vampire Science’ (1997)
Bolano, Roberto ‘The Savage Detectives’ (1998); Antwerp’ (published 2002 though written 1980); ‘2666’ (2004); ‘The Third Reich’ (2010)
Boling, Dave ‘Guernica’ (2009)

Bore, Chris ‘Slow Running’ (2014)

Boschwitz, Ulrich Alexander ‘The Passenger’ (1938)
Boucher, Chris ‘Corpse Marker’ (1999)

Bova, Ben ‘Exiled from Earth’ (1971); ‘Flight of Exiles’ (1972); ‘The End of Exile’ (1975)
Bowles, Paul ‘Without Stopping’ (1972); ‘Days’ (1991); ‘The Stories of Paul Bowles’ (2006)
Bowman, Grace ‘Thin’ (2006)

Boyd, William ‘Any Human Heart’ (2002), ‘Trio’ (2020); ‘The Romantic’ (2022)
Boyne, John ‘The House is Haunted’ (2013); ‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’ (2017); ‘Water’ (2023)
Bradbury, Ray ‘The Martian Chronicles’ (1951); ‘We’ll always have Paris’ (2009)
Bradley, James ‘The Resurrectionist’ (2006)

Braithwaite, Oyinkan ‘My Sister, the Serial Killer’ (2018)
Bram, Christopher ‘Hold Tight’ (1988)
Brand, Russell ‘My Booky Wook’ (2007)
Brandreth, Gyles ‘Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders’ (2007)

Bray, Jason ‘Deliverance. Everyday Investigations Into Poltergeists, Ghosts and Other Supernatural Phenomena by an Anglican Priest’ (2021)

Briggs, Nicholas [ed.] ‘Doctor Who Short Trips: Dalek Empire’ Vol 19 (2006)
Brite, Poppy Z ‘Lost Souls’ (1992)
Bronte, Emily ‘Wuthering Heights’ (1847)
Brookmyre, Chris ‘Places in the Darkness’ (2017)
Brookner, Anita ‘Hotel Du Lac’ (1984); ‘Incidents in the Rue Laugier’ (1995)
Brown, Laurence ‘Addictions’ (2000)
Browne, John ‘The Glass Closet. Why Coming Out is Good for Business’ (2014)

Bruder, Jessica ‘Nomadland’ (2017)
Brunner, John ‘Stand on Zanzibar’ (1968); ‘Times Without Number’ (1969); ‘The Sheep Look Up’ (1972)
Bucher-Jones, Simon and Hale, Kelly ‘Doctor Who: Grimm Reality’ (2001)
Bugliosi, Vincent ‘Helter Skelter’ (1974)
Bulis, Christopher ‘Doctor Who: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ (1995)
‘Doctor Who: Palace of the Red Sun’ (2002)
Bullock, Daryl ‘David Bowie Made Me Gay. 100 Years of LGBT Music’ (2018)

Burkeman, Oliver ‘4000 Weeks: Time Management for Mortals’ (2021)
Burns, Anna ‘Milkman’ (2018)
Burroughs, William ‘Queer’ (1952)
Burton, Jessie ‘The Miniaturist’ (2014); ‘The Muse’ (2016); ‘The House of Fortune’ (2022)
Burton, Peter [ed.] ‘A Casualty of War. The Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories’ (2008)
Butler, Octavia ‘Kindred’ (1979)
Byatt, A.S. ‘Possession’ (1990)

Cacoyannis, Panayotis ‘The Madness of Grief’ (2018)

Cadigan, Pat ‘Synners’ (1991)

Cahill, James ‘Tiepolo Blue’ (2022)
Cain, Matt ‘Madonna of Bolton’ (2018)Cameron, Christian ‘The New Achilles’ (2019)
Campbell, Afric ‘The Semantics of Murder’ (2009)
Campbell, Alastair ‘All in the Mind’ (2008)
Campbell, Ramsey ‘Told by the Dead’ (2003)
Camus, Renaud ‘Tricks: Twenty-Five Encounters’ (1981)
Canning, Richard ‘Between Men 2. Original Fiction by Today’s Best Gay Writers’ (2009)

Books vs depression

Capote, Truman ‘Other Rooms, Other Voices’ (1948)
Cardini, Leo ‘Mineshaft Nights’ (2007)
Carey, Peter ‘Bliss’ (1981)
‘Parrot and Olivier in America’ (2009)
Carr, Caleb ‘The Alienist’ (1994)
Carr, James Lloyd ‘A Month in the Country’ (1980)

Carr, Helen and Lipscomb, Suzannah (eds.) ‘What is History, Now?’ (2021)
Carrington, Leonora ‘The Hearing Trumpet’ (1974)
Carroll, Jonathan ‘Land of Laughs’ (1980)
‘Voice of Our Shadow’ (1983)
Cartmel, Andrew ‘Doctor Who: Atom Bomb Blues’ (2005)

Cassara, Joseph ‘The House of Impossible Beauties: A Novel’ (2018)
Cather, Willa ‘Alexander’s Bridge’ (1912); ‘The Song of the Lark’ (1915); ‘The Professor’s House’ (1925)
Catton, Eleanor ‘The Luminaries’ (2013)
Cazotte, Jacques ‘The Devil in Love’ (1772)
Celyn Jones, Russell ‘Soldiers and Innocents’ (1990)
‘Ten Seconds from the Sun’ (2005)
Cercas, Javier ‘Soldiers of Salamis’ (2004)
Chabon, Michael ‘The Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ (1988)
‘Wonder Boys’ (1995)
‘The Yiddish Policemen’s Union’ (2007)
Chambers, Becky ‘The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet’ (2014); ‘A Closed and Common Orbit’ (2016); ‘Record of a Spaceborn Few’ (2018); ‘A Psalm for the Wild-Built’ (2021)

Chan, Mary Jean and McMillan, Andrew (eds.), ‘100 Queer Poems’ (2022)
Chandler, Glenn ‘The Sins of Jack Saul’ (2016)
Chang, Jung and Halliday, Jon ‘Mao – The Unknown Story’ (2005)
Charnock, Anne ‘Dreams Before the Start of Time’ (2017)
Chavarria, Daniel ‘Adios Muchachos’ (2001)

Chen, Katherine J ‘Joan’ (2022)

Chen Qiufan, ‘Waste Tide’ (2013)

Chesshyre, Tom ‘Slow Trains Around Spain. A 3,000-Mile Adventrue on 52 Rides’ (2021)
Chiang, Ted ‘Stories of Your Life and Others’ (2002); ‘Exhalation: Stories’ (2019)
Childish, Billy ‘My Fault’ (1996)
Christie, Agatha ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (1934)
Christopher, John ‘The Death of Grass’ (1956)
Cialdini, Robert ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ (1984)
Clark, Alan ‘Rory’s Boys’ (2011)

Clark, Christopher ‘Revolutionary Spring: Fighting for a New World 1848-1849’ (2023)
Clarke, Arthur C ‘Rendezvous with Rama’ (1972); ‘Rama II’ (1989)
Clarke, Susanna ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’ (2004); ‘The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories’ (2006); ‘Piranesi’ (2020)
Clarkson, Tom ‘The Wounded’ (1953)
Claudel, Philippe ‘Brodeck’s Report’ (2007)

Clear, James ‘Atomic Habits’ (2018)
Cline, Ernest ‘Ready Player One’ (2011)

Coker Burns, Ruth ‘All the Young Men’ (2020)

Colgan, Jenny T ‘The Triple Knife and Other Doctor Who Stories’ (2018)
Collins, Bridget ‘The Binding’ (2018); ‘The Betrayals’ (2020)
Conigrave, Timothy ‘Holding the Man’ (1995)
Connolly, John ‘The Book of Lost Things’ (2006)
Constantine, Helen (ed) ‘Vienna Tales’ (2014)

Cook, Diane ‘The New Wilderness’ (2020)

Cornell, Paul (ed.), ‘Dr Who Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury, vol 11’ (2004)

Corlett, William ‘Now and Then’ (1995)
Cornell, Paul ‘Doctor Who (Virign New Adventures) – Timewyrm: Revelation’ (1991)
Cornwell, Bernard ‘Azincourt’ (2008)
Cortazar, Julio ‘All Fires the Fire and Other Stories’ (1979)
Coupland, Douglas ‘Player One’ (2010)
Crace, Jim ‘Quarantine’ (1997)
‘The Devil’s Larder’ (2001)
‘The Pesthouse’ (2007)
‘Harvest’ (2013)

Crewe, Tom ‘The New Life’ (2023)
Crisp, Quentin ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ (1968)
Crofts, Lewis ‘The Pornographer of Vienna’ (2007)
Cronin, Michael ‘Against the Day’ (1998)
Crowley, John ‘Little, Big’ (1981)

Cruse, Howard ‘Stuck Rubber Baby’ (1995)
Cumming, Alan ‘Tommy’s Tale’ (2002)

Cumming, Laura ‘The Vanishing Man’ (2016)
Cunningham, Michael ‘Specimen Days’ (2005); ‘By Nightfall’ (2010)

Curtis, Grace ‘Frontier’ (2023)
Cusk, Rachel ‘Arlington Park’ (2006)
‘Transit’ (2017)

Dahlquist, Gordon W. ‘The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters’ (2006)
‘The Dark Volume’ (2008)
Danforth, Emily ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ (2012)
Daoud, Kamel ‘The Meursault Investigation’ (2015)
Darvill-Evans, Peter ‘Doctor Who: Asylum’ (2001)
Dasgupta, Rana ‘Tokyo Cancelled’ (2005)

David, Justin & Evans, Nathan (eds.) ‘Mainstream. An anthology of stories from the edge’ (2021)
Davidson, Andrew ‘The Gargoyle’ (2009)
Davidson, Avram ‘The Phoenix and the Mirror’ (1969)
Davidson, Craig ‘Rust and Bone’ (2006)
Davidson, Michael ‘The World, the Flesh, and Myself’ (1962)
Davies, Peter Ho ‘The Welsh Girl’ (2007)
Davis, Lindsey ‘The Silver Pigs’ (1989); ‘Shadows in Bronze’ (1990); ‘Venus in Copper’ (1991); ‘The Iron Hand of Mars’ (1992); ‘Poseidon’s Gold’ (1993); ‘Last Act in Palmyra’ (1994); ‘Time to Depart’ (1995); ‘A Dying Light in Corduba’ (1996); ‘Three Hands in the Fountain’ (1997); ‘The Course of Honour’ (1997); ‘Two for the Lions’ (1998); ‘One Virgin Too Many’ (1999); ‘Ode to a Banker’ (2000); ‘A Body in the Bathhouse’ (2001); ‘The Jupiter Myth’ (2002); ‘The Accusers’ (2003); ‘Scandal Takes a Holiday’ (2004); ‘See Delphi and Die’ (2005); ‘Saturnalia’ (2007); ‘Alexandria’ (2009); ‘Rebels and Traitors’ (2009); ‘Nemesis’ (2010)
Flavia Albia: ‘Ides of April’ (2013); ‘Enemies at Home’ (2014); ‘Deadly Election’ (2015); ‘The Graveyard of the Hesperides’ (2016); ‘The Third Nero’ (2017); ‘Pandora’s Boy’ (2018); ‘A Capitol Death’ (2019); ‘The Grove of the Caesars’ (2020); ‘A Comedy of Terrors’ (2021); ‘Desperate Undertakings’ (2022); ‘Fatal Legacy’ (2023)
Davis, Will ‘My Side of the Story’ (2007)
De Bodard, Aliette ‘The House of Shattered Wings’ (2015)

DeCandido, Keith R.A. ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #24: The Quality of Leadership’ (2008)
Deighton, Len ‘SS-GB’ (1978)
De Juan, Jose Luis ‘This Breathing World’ (1999)
De Kerangal, Maylis ‘Mend the Living’ (2016)
Delany, Samuel R ‘Nova’ (1968)
DeLillo, ‘Cosmopolis’ (2003)
Desai, Kiran ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ (2006)
De Souza, Daniel ‘Under a Crescent Moon’ (1989)
Despentes,Virginie ‘Vernon Subutex 1’ (2015)
De Waal, Edmund ‘The Hare With Amber Eyes’ (2010)
De Witt, Patrick ‘The Sisters Brothers’ (2011)
Dhaliwal, Nirpal Singh ‘Tourism’ (2006)
Dick, Philip K ‘Clans of the Alphane Moon’ (1964); ‘Dr Bloodmoney’ (1965); ‘Now Wait for Last Year’ (1966); ‘Ubik’ (1969); ‘Our Friends from Frolix 8’ (1970); ‘Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said’ (1974); ‘A Scanner Darkly’ (1977); ‘Valis’ (1981)

Dick, Philip K & Zelazny, Roger ‘Deus Irae’ (1976)
‘Beyond Lies the Wub – Volume I Short Stories’ (2001)
Dickens, Charles ‘The Pickwick Papers’ ((1836/7); ‘Oliver Twist’ (1837/8); ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ (1841); ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (1859)
Dicker, Joel ‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair’ (2012)
Dickey, James ‘Deliverance’ (1970)
Dicks, Terrance ‘Doctor Who (Virgin New Adventures) – Timewyrm: Exodus’ (1991); ‘Doctor Who: Players’ (1999); ‘Doctor Who: World Game’ (2005)
Dickson, Jack ‘Oddfellows’ (1997)
Doerr, Anthony ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ (2014); ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ (2021)
Donkor, Michael ‘Hold’ (2018)
Donoghue, Emma ‘Room’ (2010)

Douglas, Stuart and Magrs, Paul ‘The Panda Book of Horror’ (2009)
Downham, Jenny ‘Before I Die’ (2007)
Doyle, Rob ‘Here are the Young Men’ (2014)
Drinnan, Neal ‘Glove Puppet’ (1998)

Duberman, Martin ‘Jews Queers Germans’ (2017)
Duffy, Stella ‘Theodora’ (2010)
Duncan, Glen ‘The Last Werewolf’ (2011)
Duncker, Patricia ‘Hallucinating Foucault’ (1996)
Dunmore, Helen ‘Love of Fat Men’ (1997)
‘The Siege’ (2001)
‘Counting the Stars’ (2009)
‘The Betrayal’ (2010)
‘The Greatcoat’ (2012)
‘The Lie’ (2014)
‘Birdcage Walk’ (2017)
Duplechan, Larry ‘Blackbird’ (1986)

Eaves, Will ‘Murmur’ (2018)
Eco, Umberto ‘The Name of the Rose’ (1983)
Edmonson, Roger ‘Boy in the Sand Casey Donovan, All-American Sex Star’ (1998)
Edric, Robert ‘The Devil’s Beat’ (2012)
Edugyan, Esi ‘Half Blood Blues’ (2011)
‘Washington Black’ (2018)
Eggers, David ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’ (2000)
El-Mohtar, Amal & Gladstone, Max ‘This Is How You Lose the Time War’ (2019)
Elton, Ben ‘Time and Time Again’ (2014)
Elwood, Nick ‘All the Queen’s Men’ (1999)
Enright, Anne ‘The Gathering’ (2007)

Enriquez, Mariana ‘Our Share of Night’ (2022)
Erpenbeck, Jenny ‘The End of Days’ (2012)
Eugenides, Jeffrey ‘Middlesex’ (2002)

Evans, Christopher ‘Aztec Century’ (1993)
Evaristo, Bernardine ‘Mr Loverman’ (2013)

Faber, Michel ‘Under The Skin’ (2000)
‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ (2002)
‘The Courage Consort’ (2002)
‘The Courage Consort: Three Novellas’ (2004)
‘The Book of Strange New Things’ (2014)
Fallada, Hans ‘Once a Jailbird’ (1934)
‘Alone in Berlin’ (1947)
Fante, John ‘Ask the Dust’ (1939)
Faulkner, William ‘As I Lay Dying’ (1935)
Farrell, J.G. ‘The Siege of Krishnapur’ (1973)

Farrington, Ian (ed.) ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #6: Past Tense ‘ (2004); ‘Doctor Who Short Trips #9: Monsters’ (2004)

Faye, Eric ‘Nagasaki’ (2010)
Ferrell, Sean ‘Man in the Empty Suit’ (2013)
Ferris, Joshua ‘Then We Came to the End’ (2008)
‘To Rise Again at a Decent Hour’ (2014)
Ferro, ‘The Blue Star’ (1985)
Fitzgerald, Penelope ‘The Blue Flower’ (1995)
Fitzroy, A.T. (real name: Allatini, Rose) ‘Despised and Rejected’ (1918)
Flagg, Fannie ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe’ (1987)
Flaubert, Gustave ‘Madame Bovary’ (1857)
Flynn, Nick ‘Another Bullshit Night in Suck City’ (2004)
Follett, Ken ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ (1989)
Ford, Michael Thomas ‘What We Remember’ (2009)
Forster, E.M. ‘A Room With a View’ (1908)
Foulds, Adam ‘In the Wolf’s Mouth’ (2014)
Fowler, Alys ‘Hidden Nature: A Voyage of Discovery’ (2016)
Fowler, Christopher ‘Spanky’ (1994); ‘Psychoville’ (1995); ‘Personal Demons’ (1998); ‘Full Dark House’ (2003); ‘Demonized’ (2004); ‘The Water Room’ (2004); ‘Seventy-Seven Clocks’ (2005); ‘Ten Second Staircase’ (2006); ‘White Corridor’ (2007); ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ (2008); ‘On the Loose’ (2009); ‘Off The Rails’ (2010); ‘The Memory of Blood’ (2011); ‘The Invisible Code’ (2012); ‘Nyctophobia’ (2014); ‘The Bleeding Heart’ (2014); ‘The Burning Man’ (2015); ‘The Sand Men’ (2015); ‘London’s Glory’ (2016); ‘Strange Tide’ (2016); ‘Wild Chamber’ (2017); ‘Hall of Mirrors’ (2019); ‘The Lonely Hour’ (2019); ‘Oranges and Lemons’ (2020);
Fowler, Karen Joy ‘Sarah Canary’ (1991); ‘We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves’ (2013)
Frayn, Michael ‘Spies’ (2002); ‘Skios’ (2012)
French, Paul ‘City of Devils: A Shanghai Noir’ (2018)
Fricke, Aaron ‘Reflections of a Rock Lobster’ (1981)
Friedman, Sanford ‘Totempole’ (1965)
Fuentes, Carlos ‘The Eagle’s Throne’ (2002)

Fung, Jason ‘The Obesity Code’ (2015)

Gaiman, Neil ‘Stardust’ (1999); ‘Marvel 1602’ (2003); ‘Anansi Boys’ (2005)
‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ (2013)
Gale, Patrick ‘The Aerodynamics of Pork’ (1985); ‘Ease’ (1986); ‘Kansas in August’ (1987); ‘Facing the Tank’ (1988); ‘Little Bits of Baby’ (1989); ‘The Cat Sanctuary’ (1990); ‘The Facts of Life’ (1995); ‘Dangerous Pleasures – A Decade of Stories’ (1996); ‘Armistead Maupin’ (1999); ‘Notes from an Exhibition’ (2007); ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ (2012); ‘A Place Called Winter’ (2015); ‘Take Nothing With You’ (2018); ‘Mother’s Boy’ (2022)
Galgut, Damon ‘Arctic Summer’ (2014); ‘The Promise’ (2021)
Garland, Rodney ‘The Heart in Exile’ (1953)
Garland, Rosie ‘The Palace of Curiosities’ (2013)

Garner, Alan ‘Treacle Walker’ (2021)
Gatiss, Mark ‘The Vesuvius Club’ (2004)
‘The Devil in Amber’ (2006)
Gentle, Mary ‘Ash:A Secret History’ (2000)
‘1610: A Sundial in a Grave’ (2003)
‘Cartomancy’ (2004)
Ghosh, Amitav ‘Sea of Poppies’ (2008)
Giardina, Anthony ‘White Guys’ (2006)
Gilbert, W.Stephen ‘Spiked’ (1991)
Gillham, David ‘City of Women’ (2013)
Glavinic, Thomas ‘Night Work’ (2006)
Glukhovsky, Dmitry ‘Metro 2033’ (2005)
Glyde, Tania ‘Cleaning Up. How I Gave Up Drinking and Lived’ (2008)

Gospodinov, Georgi ‘Time Shelter’ (2020)
Gordon, John R ‘Drapetomania’ (2018)
Goytisolo, Juan ‘The Blind Rider’ ‘Telon de Boca’ (2003)
Grann, David ‘The Lost City of Z’ (2009)

Graves, Robert ‘Goodbye To All That’ (1929)
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Power reading

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Stunning half naked man - how could you not smile?

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Culture from the Saatchi Gallery

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Power reading

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Reed,Jeremy ‘Boy Caesar’ (2004); ‘The Dilly: A Secret History of Piccadilly Rent Boys’ (2014)
Rees, David ‘The Hunger’ (1986); ‘Quince’ (1988)
Regener, Sven ‘Berlin Blues’ (2003)
Reid, Christopher ‘A Scattering’ (2009)
Renault, Mary ‘The Charioteer’ (1953); ‘Fire from Heaven’ (1969); ‘The Persian Boy’ (1982); ‘Funeral Games’ (1981)
Rettenmund,Matthew ‘Boy Culture’ (1995)
Reve, Gerard ‘The Evenings’ (1946)

Reynolds, Alastair ‘Revelation Space’ (2000)
Rice, Christopher ‘A Density of Souls’ (2000)
Richardson, Nigel ‘Breakfast in Brighton. Adventures on the Edge of Britain’ (1998)
Ridgway, Keith ‘The Long Falling’ (1998)
Roberts, Bethan ‘The Pools’ (2007)
‘The Good Plain Cook’ (2008)
‘My Policeman’ (2012)
Roberts, Gregory David ‘Shantaram’ (2003)
Robertson, James ‘The Testament of Gideon Mack’ (2006)
Robertson, Robin ‘The Long Take’ (2018)

Robins, Danny ‘Into the Uncanny’ (2023)
Robinson, Nigel ‘Doctor Who (Virgin New Adventures) – Timewyrm: Apocalypse’ (1991)
Ronald, Terry ‘Becoming Nancy’ (2011)
Rose, Lloyd ‘Doctor Who: City of the Dead’ (2001)
Rose, Phyllis ‘The Year of Reading Proust. A Memoir in Real Time’ (1998)
Roth, Philip ‘I Married A Communist’ (1998); ‘The Plot Against America’ (2004); ‘Everyman’ (2009)
Rowe, Michael and Roche, Thomas S [eds.] ‘Sons of Darkness: Tales of Men, Blood and Immortality’ (1996)
Rowling, J.K. ‘The Casual Vacancy’ (2012)
Royle, Nicholas ‘Antwerp: A Novel’ (2004); ‘Quilt’ (2010)
Rubenfeld, Jed ‘The Interpretation of Murder’ (2006)
Ruge, Eugen ‘In Time of Fading Light’ (2011)

Rundell, Katherine ‘Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne’ (2022)
Rushdie, Salman ‘Midnight’s Children’ (1981)
Russ, Joanna ‘The Female Man’ (1975)
Russell, Eric Frank ‘Wasp’ (1957)

Russell, Gary (ed.) ‘Short Trips #8: Repercussions’ (2004); ‘Short Trips #14: The Solar System’ (2005)
Ryde, Peter ‘A Good Start, Considering’ (1999)

Ryman, Geoff ‘Lust’ (2001); ‘Him’ (2023)

Saadawi, Ahmed ‘Frankenstein in Baghdad’ (2013)
Sacks, Oliver ‘On the Move. A Life’ (2015)

Sackville, Amy ‘Painter to the King’ (2018)
Sallis, James ‘Drive’ (2006)
Sanchez Pinol, Albert ‘Cold Skin’ ‘La Pell Freda’ (2002)
Sanders, Louis ‘Death in the Dordogne’ (1999)
Sanderson, Brandon ‘Elantris’ (2005)
Sanderson, Mark ‘Audacious Perversion’ (1998); ‘Wrong Rooms’ (2002); ‘Snow Hill’ (2010); ‘The Whispering Gallery’ (2011)
Sandhu, Sukhdev ‘Night Haunts. A Journey Through the London Night’ (2007)
Sands, Philippe ‘East West Street. On the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity’ (2016)
Sansom, Christopher John ‘Dissolution’ (2003); ‘Dark Fire’ (2004); ‘Sovereign’ (2006); ‘Winter in Madrid’ (2006); ‘Revelation’ (2008); ‘Heartstone’ (2010); ‘Dominion’ (2012); ‘Lamentation’ (2014); ‘Tombland’ (2018)
Saunders, George ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ (2017)
Saviano, Roberto ‘Gomorrah’ (2006)
Saylor, Steven ‘Roman Blood’ (1991); ‘Roma’ (2007)
Scalzi, John ‘The Collapsing Empire’ (2017)
‘The Consuming Fire’ (2018)
Scarrow, Simon ‘The Sword and the Scimitar’ (2012)
Schaefer, Max ‘Children of the Sun’ (2010)
Schwab, V.E. ‘Vicious’ (2014)

Scott, Cavan & Wright, Mark (eds.), ‘Doctor Who Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas’ (2007)
Scott, Kevin ‘The Boys in the Brownstone’ (2005)
Seabrook, Mike ‘Unnatural Relations’ (1989); ‘Out of Bounds’ (1992); ‘Growing Pains’ (1999)

Seba, Anne ‘Les Parisiennes. How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved and Died in the 1940s’ (2016)
Sebald, Winfried Georg ‘The Emigrants’ (1992)
Sedaris, David ‘Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim’ (2004)
Seethaler, Robert ‘The Tobacconist’ (2016)
Seiffert, Rachel ‘The Dark Room’ (2001)

Shapiro, James ‘1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare’ (2005)

Shaw, Aiden ‘My Undoing’ (2006); ‘Sordid Truths’ (2009)
Sheers, Owen ‘Resistance’ (2007); ‘A Poet’s Guide to Britain’ (2010)

Sheff, David ‘Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction’ (2008)
Sheldon, Dyan ‘The Dreams of an Average Man’ (1985)
Shelley, Mary ‘Frankenstein’ (1818)
Shiel, Matthew Phipps ‘The Purple Cloud’ (1901)

Shipstead, Maggie ‘Great Circle’ (2021)
Shukman, Henry ‘The Lost City’ (2007)

Silverberg, Robert ‘The Gate of Worlds’ (1967); ‘Dying Inside’ (1972); ‘Thebes of the Hundred Gates’ (1991); ‘Needle in a Timestack’ (2021)
Simmons, Dan ‘Song of Kali’ (1985); ‘Ilium’ (2003)
Simpson, Joe ‘Storms of Silence’ (1996)
Simpson, Mark and Zeeland, Steven ‘The Queen Is Dead’ (1998)

Power reading

Sinclair, David Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To’ (2019)
Sladek, John ‘The Complete Roderick’ – ‘Roderick’ (1980); ‘Roderick at Random’ (1983)
Sloane, Tony ‘The Naked Soldier: My Life in the French Foreign Legion’ (2004)

Smart, Jennifer ‘Ariadne’ (2021)
Smith, Alison ‘Autumn’ (2016); ‘Winter’ (2017); ‘Spring’ (2019); ‘Summer’ (2020)

Smith, Dodie ‘I Capture the Castle’ (1948)
Smith, Rupert ‘Man’s World’ (2010)
‘Interlude’ (2014)
Smith, Tom Rob ‘Child 44’ (2008)
‘The Farm’ (2014)
Smith, Zadie ‘White Teeth’ (2000)

Spiegelman, Art ‘Maus’ (1980)
Spring, Justin ‘Secret Historian. The Life and Times of Samuel Steward’ (2010)
Spring, Neil ‘The Ghost Hunters’ (2013)
Spufford, Francis ‘Golden Hill’ (2016); ‘Light Perpetual’ (2021)
Stahl, Jerry ‘I, Fatty’ (2005)
Statovci, Pajtim ‘My Cat Yugoslavia’ (2014); ‘Bolla’ (2021)
Stephenson, Neal ‘Anathem’ (2008)
Stewart, Mary ‘Thornyhold’ (1988)
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Stone, Dave ‘Citadel of Dreams’ (2002)

Stonex, Emma ‘The Lamplighters’ (2021)
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Strayed, Cheryl ‘Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found’ (2013)
Stretch, Joe ‘The Adult’ (2012)
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris ‘Roadside Picnic’ (1972)

Stuart, Douglas ‘Shuggie Bain’ (2020); ‘Young Mungo’ (2022)
Styron, William ‘Darkness Visible. A Memoir of Madness’ (1990)
Summerscale, Kate ‘The Suspicions of Mister Whicher’ (2008)
Suri, Manil ‘The City of Devi’ (2013)
Sutcliff, Rosemary ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ (1954)
Sutcliffe, William ‘The Love Hexagon’ (2000)

Sutherland, Jack ‘Stars, Cars and Crystal Meth’ (2016)
Sutherland, Luke ‘Venus as a Boy’ (2004)
Swanson, Eric ‘The Boy in the Lake’ (1999)
Swofford, Anthony ‘Jarhead’ (2003)
Szalay, David ‘All That Man Is’ (2016)

Tart, Donna ‘The Secret History’ (1992)
Taylor, Andrew ‘The Ashes of London’ (2016); ‘The Fire Court’ (2018); ‘The King’s Evil’ (2020); ‘The Last Protector’ (2020); ‘The Royal Secret’ (2021)

Taylor, Brandon ‘Real Life’ (2020); ‘Filthy Animals’ (2021)

Taylor, DJ ‘The Windsor Faction’ (2013)
Taylor, G.P. ‘Shadowmancer’ (2002)
Tchaikovsky, Adrian ‘Children of Time’ (2016); ‘Cage of Souls’ (2019)
Templar, Richard ‘How to Spend Less Without Being Miserable’ (2009)
Teule, Jean ‘The Suicide Shop’ (2008)
Tevis, Walter ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (1963); ‘Mockingbird’ (1980)

Theroux, Paul ‘On the Plain of Snakes: A Mexican Journey’ (2019)

Thirlwell, Adam ‘The Future Future’ (2023)
Thomas, Lee ‘The Dust of Wonderland’ (2007)

Thomas, Matthew ‘We are not Ourselves’ (2014)

Thomas, Russ ‘Firewatching’ (2020); ‘Nighthawking’ (2021)
Thomas, Scarlett ‘Bright Young Things’ (1999); ‘Going Out’ (2002); ‘PocCo’ (2004); ‘The End of Mr Y’ (2006); ‘Our Tragic Universe’ (2010); ‘The Seed Collectors’ (2015)
Thompson, Tade ‘Rosewater’ (2017); ‘The Rosewater Insurrection’ (2019); ‘The Rosewater Redemption’ (2019)
Thomson, Rupert ‘Divided Kingdom’ (2005)
Thornburg, Newton ‘To Die in California’ (1973)
Thorpe, Adam ‘Ulverton’ (1992)
Thubron, Colin ‘Among the Russians’ (1983); ‘A Cruel Madness’ (1984); ‘Falling’ (1989); ‘Distance’ (1996); ‘To the Lost City’ (2002); ‘Shadow of the Silk Road’ (2006)
Tillman, Lynne ‘Cast in Doubt’ (1992)
Toibin, Colm ‘The Heather Blazing’ (1992); ‘The Sign of the Cross. Travels in Catholic Europe’ (1994); ‘The Story of the Night’ (1996); ‘The Blackwater Lightship’ (1999); ‘Mothers and Sons’ (2006); ‘Brooklyn’ (2009); ‘Nora Webster’ (2015); ‘House of Names’ (2016); ‘The Magician’ (2021)
Toksvig, Sandi ‘Valentine Grey’ (2012)

Topping, Keith ‘Ghost Ship – Dr Who Novella’ (2003) sampler (Kindle, 2016)
Torres, Justin ‘We the Animals’ (2011)
Towles, Amor ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ (2016)
Tremain, Rose ‘Sadler’s Birthday’ (1976); ‘Letter to Sister Benedicta’ (1979); ‘The Swimming Pool Season’ (1985); ‘Restoration’ (1989); ‘Sacred Country’ (1992); ‘The Way I Found Her’ (1997); ‘Music and Silence’ (1999); ‘The Colour’ (2003); ‘Trespass’ (2010); ‘Merivel: A Man of His Time’ (2012); ‘The Gustav Sonata’ (2016)
Tremlett, Giles ‘Ghosts of Spain. Travels Through a Country’s Hidden Past’ (2007; 2012 edition with new preface and final chapter)
Trigell, Jonathan ‘Boy A’ (2004)
Tsiolkas, Christos ‘Loaded’ (1995); ‘Dead Europe’ (2005); ‘Damascus’ (2019)

Turner, George ‘The Sea and Summer’ (1987)

Turner, Luke ‘Out of the Woods’ (2019)
Turtledove, Harry ‘Departures’ (1983); ‘How Few Remain’ (1998)
Turton, ‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ (2018)

Unsworth, Barry ‘Morality Play’ (1996)
Unsworth, Cathi ‘The Not Knowing’ (2005)
Updike, John ‘Rabbit, Run’ (1961); ‘Rabbit Redux’ (1971); ‘Rabbit is Rich’ (1981); ‘Rabbit at Rest’ (1990); ‘Licks of love’ (2000)

Vamos, Miklos ‘The Book of Fathers’ (2000)
Vanderhaeghe, Guy ‘The Englishman’s Boy’ (1997)
Vandermeer, Ann and Jeff (eds) ‘Sisters of the Revolution. A feminist speculative fiction anthology’ (2015)
Vandermeer, Jeff  ‘Annihilation’ (2014); ‘Authority’ (2014); ‘Acceptance’ (2014)
Van Der Merwe, Andre Carl ‘Moffie – a novel’ (2006)
Van Thal , Herbert [selected by] ‘The Second Pan Book of Horror Stories’ (1960)

Various, ‘The Haunting Season. Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights’ (2021)
Vasquez, Juan Gabriel ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ (2011)

Vassiltchikov, Marie ‘Berlin Diaries 1940-45’ (1985)
Vermes, Timur ‘Look Who’s Back’ (2012)

Vernon, P J ‘Bath Haus’ (2021)
Vidal, Gore ‘The City and the Pillar’ (1949)
Vine, Barbara ‘The Child’s Child’ (2013)

Vinge, Vernor ‘A Fire Upon the Deep’ (1991)

Von Reinhold, Shola ‘ Lote’ (2020)

Vuong, Ocean ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’ (2019)

Walker, Adrian J ‘The End of the World Running Club’ (2014)

Walker, Gerald ‘Cruising’ (1970)
Wallace, Jason ‘Out of Shadows’ (2010)
Wallace, Nick ‘Doctor Who: Fear Itself’ (2005)
Walpole, Horace ‘The Castle of Otranto’ (1764)
Walsh, Mikey ‘Gypsy Boy’ (2009); ‘Gypsy Boy on the Run’ (2011)
Walton, Jo ‘Farthing’ (2006); ‘Ha’penny’ (2007); ‘Half A Crown’ (2008)

Walton, Sara ‘Rufius’ (2016)
Warner, Alan ‘Morvern Callor’ (1995)
Warren, Patricia Nell ‘The Front Runner’ (1974)

Washington, Bryan ‘Memorial’ (2020)
Waters, John ‘Carsick’ (2014)
Waters, Paul ‘Of Merchants and Heroes’ (2008); ‘Cast Not the Day’ (2009); ‘The Philosopher Prince’ (2010)
Waters, Sarah ‘Affinity’ (1999); ‘Fingersmith’ (2002); ‘The Night Watch’ (2006); ‘The Little Stranger’ (2009); ‘The Paying Guests’ (2014)

Watson, Howard (ed.) ‘The World of Simon Raven’ (2002)
Waugh, Evelyn ‘Decline and Fall’ (1928); ‘Vile Bodies’ (1930)
Weir, Andy ‘The Martian’ (2011); ‘Project Hail Mary’ (2021)
Weldon, Fay ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’ (1983)
Wells, Martha ‘All Systems Red – The Murderbot Diaries’ (2017)
Welsh, Irvine ‘Ecstasy’ (1996)
Welsh, Louise ‘Tamburlaine Must Die’ (2004)
West, Morris ‘The Clowns of God’ (1981)
White, Alex ‘A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe’ (2018)
White, Dave ‘Exile in Guyville. How a Punk-Rock Rednec Faggot Texan Moved to West Hollywood and Refused to Be Shiny and Happy’ (2006)
White, Edmund ‘Genet’ (1993); ‘Proust’ (1999); ‘The Flaneur’ (2001); ‘My Lives’ (2005); ‘Our Young Man’ (2016)
Whitehead, Colson ‘The Underground Railroad’ (2016)
Wickham, Alasdair ‘The Black Book of Modern Myths’ (2012)
Wild, Peter [ed.] ‘Paint a Vulgar Picture. Fiction Inspired by The Smiths’ (2009)

Power reading

Wildeblood, Peter ‘Against the Law’ (1955)
Wilhelm, Kate ‘Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang’ (1974)

Wilkins, Rob ‘Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes: The Official Biography’ (2022)
Williams, John ‘Stoner’ (1965)

Williams, John L ‘CLR James. A Life Beyond the Boundaries’ (2022)
Williams, Robert ‘How the Trouble Started’ (2012)
Wilson, Carter ‘Treasures on Earth’ (1981)
Wilson, Edward ‘The Midnight Swimmer’ (2011)
Wilson, Elizabeth ‘The Twilight Hour’ (2006); ‘War Damage’ (2009); ‘The Girl in Berlin’ (2012)
Wilson, Martin ‘What They Always Tell Us’ (2008)

Winn, Alice ‘In Memoriam’ (2023)
Winn, Raynor ‘The Salt Path’ (2018)
Winterson, Jeanette ‘The Gap of Time’ (2015); ‘Night Side of the River: Ghost stories’ (2023)
Wishart, David ‘I, Virgil’ (1995)
‘Ovid’ (1995)
Witkowski, Michal ‘Lovetown’ (2009)
Wood, Naomi ‘The Godless Boys’ (2011)
Wooten, Arthur ‘On Picking Fruit’ (2006)
Wurtzel, Elizabeth ‘Prozac Nation’ (1994)

Wyndham, John ‘The Kraken Wakes’ (1953)

Xiangjian, Gao ‘Soul Mountain’ (1990)

Yalom, Irvin D. ‘Staring at the Sun. Overcoming the Terror of Death’ (2008)

Yamada, Taichi ‘Strangers’ (1987)
Yanagihara, Hanya ‘A Little Life’ (2015)
Yates, Richard ‘Revolutionary Road’ (1961)
Yoshimoto, Banana ‘Kitchen’ (1987)
‘The Lake’ (2005)
Young, Robyn ‘Sons of the Blood’ (2016)

Yourcenar, Marguerite ‘A Coin in Nine Hands’ (1934)

Yuknavitch, Lidia ‘Thrust’ (2022)

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ (2001)
‘The Angel’s Game’ (2008)
Zelazny, Roger ‘Damnation Alley’ (1969)

Zevin, Gabrielle ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ (2022)
Zusak, Markus ‘The Book Thief’ (2006)

2 thoughts on “Books I have read

  1. I am amazed that you can keep a list of the books you have read, both because i couldn’t be bothered and because I have read so any (admittedly a lot of them not great literature, just for enjoyment and I am sure would be looked down upon by many people).
    Well gone, i wish I had started keeping a record.


    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s not a complete list as I only started it when the blog / website started a few years ago. Every so often I start to read a book and think ‘I’ve already read this’. So it gets added to the list.

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