Back to work, bad knees, and a missing boyfriend

Mon 18 – Sun 24 Nov 2019

A week that began in the sun (and wind) of Torremolinos then finished in the dark and wet of London. Guess where I would rather be?


Monday was all about chilling around the town and appreciating the end of a nice, relaxing holiday. Overall, I was very happy with how things went. Perhaps my only regret was not getting to Malaga to discover that city, particularly its art galleries and museums. But that will come one day.

Tuesday was a decent journey back. Indeed our flight got in early. Went to stay at Dave’s and shame that I had his laundry to sort out as well as my own. Plus he hadn’t thought to buy any more tea bags to replenish the single one that was left. Men are so bloody useless sometimes. Then back to work: all-day Wednesday plus the afternoons of Thurs and Fri. Hard not to have the post-holiday blues. 🙁

Health and Efficiency

Dodgy knees

Regular readers of my weekly blog will know that I deal with a number of physical and mental health issues. One of the former is joint problems that definitely seem to be getting worse, perhaps simply linked to me getting older. Though who knows what tricks the HIV virus insidiously plays with your body long-term.

I have had a longstanding problem with my right knee (and left Achilles); this week I had problems with the left knee as well. Perhaps linked to a small session I did at the hotel gym on Mon 🙁

A major theme of last week was getting back to exercise after my return from holiday. However, I was treating it partially as remedial and did all I could not to aggravate further my joints – knees in particular.

Yoga and jog-run

Give a fuck - do yoga

Back to the community yoga group on Fri morning, the one that includes many people with HIV. A good session focusing physically on hips and abdomen, mentally on gratitude. I’m pretty sure the exercises (including meditation in the corpse pose) helped my knees by gently stretching the muscles around them.

animation of a fat man running

Then on Sat morning, my normal weekly 10K jog-run. Delighted that my knees held up. Obviously didn’t do 10K the previous weekend as I was in Torremolinos. A decent enough time of an hour, 3 mins and 20 seconds. Not as good as previous ones recently but a good re-start. Analysing each km stretch, pleased that none went over 6.45 mins. 🙂

My knees weren’t hurting during or after my jog-run. But they were so uncomfortable that they woke me up several times on Sat and Sun nights whilst I was sleeping. I notice they are often at their worst when I am laying down (stretch in the muscles behind them?)


So good to get back to my gym in London, one of the highlights of coming back. There on Thurs and Sun mornings. Good all over body workouts. As said, tried out the hotel gym on Mon including the treadmill. I do find street running so much better for my joints (especially knees and Achilles) than the treadmill.


man weighing himself

Highlighted in last week’s blog (read here) the advantage of scales in my hotel bathroom so I could keep a check on my weight. That really paid off and I came back to London weighing in just a little above my weight before I went away. Great despite my poor holiday diet, excess of alcohol, and lack of exercise.

Books and Reading

‘Tombland’ by C J Sansom

I started this book on holiday and have been reading it all week. There is a reason for this, it’s over 800 pages long! The seventh adventure for Tudor lawyer Matthew Shardlake. This time he’s on business for Lady Elizabeth (future Queen) in Norwich and gets caught up in a peasants’ revolt. Based on historical events and oozing with dirty authenticity (great to read the actual historical background section at the end of the novel). We should never forget how hard life was for ordinary people and stop romanticising or sanitising it. A wonderful book and I would highly recommend everything by this brilliant author.


Off on Saturday to one of my favourite places, the library. 🙂 Had to return a couple of books including one that was a day overdue so I incurred a massive fine of 25p (what is the point?). Fun to give them a £10 note so they had to hunt around for change. 🙂 I could live in a library and I just love going to visit them. The almost perfect example of the circular / shared economy in action.

Personal Development

motivational picture

Returning from holiday and going back to work has made me think more about my future. Indeed, a lot of last week’s holiday was spent just thinking (normally over a glass of wine or whisky – me being depressed again?) Time is ticking as I have detailed in previous blogs. I need to be doing what makes me happy. And my ongoing personal development is central to this.

I continue to get useful email bulletins and follow my interest in various issues including tech. And I am still trying to improve my language skills. Mainly through using Duolingo and Drops. The ideal me would be completely multi-lingual. 🙂


So is my boyfriend missing? After a busy period of consultancy (primarily why I went away, to give him space) he’s gone off for a break in Berlin. Regular readers will know we both love Berlin and normally go there at least once per year. Sounds like he’s had a great time and I have missed him. We’ve got a great relationship – we give each other space and enjoy our time together. 🙂

The Week Ahead

  • Taking Mon afternoon off just so I get one full day off from work
  • Need to start doing some stuff for the election even if it’s just delivering leaflets. Two and a half weeks to stop a Tory majority. 🙁
  • Massage on Mon afternoon with Adrian at THT 🙂
  • Exercise: plan is 3 gym sessions, 10K jog-run, and a yoga session. Also thinking about getting in a trip to the swimming pool.
  • Should finish reading the brilliant collection of sci-fi stories by Ted Chiang, ‘Stories of your Life and others’
  • Dave will come back and I think we need to book for Berlin Folsom in Sept 2020 so it’s still cheap and we can pay it back over several months

And Finally…

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