Back to normal life

Thurs 6 – Fri 7 Oct 2016

So back to ‘normal’. Though normal with a twist taking on board the two lessons from my holiday. These are detailed in my previous blog. Indeed two of the key features for these two ‘normal’ days is that I have started learning Portuguese on DuoLingo and I am using this app every day on my phone which I find easier than doing on my laptop. And I have done a little bit of CodeAcademy each day.around JavaScript. If you want to learn to code then CodeAcademy is a great place to start.

The joy of Dave’s snoring, the gym, and weight loss

It’s always nice to wake up in ‘my’ bed whether that actually be Dave’s bed or the one in mum’s flat. To feel Dave snoring away next to me or to look around to see all my beloved books is normal life at its best. Up early on Thurs and out to the gym. Left Dave snoring away. Two coffee stops and no pastries at either – again part of my new thinking that came via the holiday. Gym itself went really well with calf/achilles exercises and all main body part covered plus 15 mins on the rowing machine. I didn’t go mad foodwise for the rest of the day either. The result being that on weighing myself on Fri morning, I was at 13-9. So met my target for the end of Sept despite (and perhaps due to) being on holiday.

Our fantastic new #techforgood grants prog is live

Back to normal: tech for good

Back to work on Thur afternoon. Started off with a catch-up lunch with job-share Nissa. She is fine and been busy with the launch of our new Tech for Good grants programme. Details here, please do spread the word to any not-for-profit organisations you think would be interested in applying. Then the rest of the day in the office dealing with emails. Lots of people asking to talk about the Tech for Good programme. Fine with me and so much better to get stuff done quickly over the phone. Indeed, had a catch-up call with Haydn at Toynbee Hall about the Digital Money Mentors e-learning platform we are funding them to build.

Time with mum

Thur evening spent with mum. Velvet Page book club happened but I gave it a miss as she is a bit down after the death of her friend and her aunt. However she went to the hospital today and it is confirmed that her knee is healing well and getting back to normal. A nice bit of verbal sparring between me and her has cheered her up me thinks. She would probably disagree just to be contrary.

Health and efficiency: Friday

walking feetA goodnight’s sleep led to a busy Fri even though no gym. Instead lots of walking. Walked to the anti-coagulation clinic to check my INR. All good at 2.5. My favourtie phlebotomist Dererk was there, always fun to talk to. Then walked back to take mum’s washing round to the laundrette. Then over to Dave’s way for a haircut. Pottered on the pooter till Dave came home. Then dinner and soaps together. Both very knacked and so in bed by 9.30.

Books and reading: my two current books

I am reading two books at the moment. One is a traditional paper one by a Spanish author I enjoy and it is a good read. The other is on my Kindle. An award winning piece of hard sci-fi written over 25 years ago. it is very ahead of its time dealing with issues about virtual reality that we are grapplying with now. But it is a difficult book to read. Perhaps it’s me but I’m lost in many parts and simply swept on by the sheer perspicacity of big thinking that it is all about. I will write fuller reviews of both once I have finished them.

Doctor Who audio-books: ‘The Wishing Beast’ (sixth Doctor Colin Baker + companion Mel)

My holiday on the ipod was primarily about listening to stuff on shuffle. So the wonderful eclectic mix I love so much of music (pop and classical) as well as snippets of various Dr Who adventures. But there comes a time when one must listen to the full adventure to make a call on if it is any good or not. This one (actually two inter-linked adventures) is quite surreal and almost like a fairy tale set in space. Great fun to hear Jean Marsh as one of the principal characters although initially I thought it was Sheila Hancock. Not a great story but definitely worth a listen. Good extras including interesting thoughts on the possibilities of exploring Mel’s character more.

‘Valhalla’ (sixth Doctor Sylvester McCoy)

An adventure with no companion which is not the normal. Could have been very good especially as it was written by the person who wrote my favourite McCoy TV adventure, Ghostlight. But the story feels to have been written with big gaps. This is one of those adventures with lots of music which are just filler for when there should be story. It’s very much a series of bits that don’t coalesce together and the whole thing is very under-baked. Also lots of extras i.e. inteviews with cast members to make up for the lack of story. Poor and disappointing.

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