Autumn is here and so is climate change

Mon 8 – Sun 14 Oct 2018


We’re fucked

Big scientific report last week which basically said we are totally screwed unless we take massive drastic action. Which means we are fucked because we as a species don’t want to face up to the damage we are doing to the planet and we don’t want to lose the lifestyle we have.

I’m depressed because I think we will see climatic disaster in the coming decades. But I am also resigned to the fact that it will happen and, perhaps, I won’t be around to see the worst of it. I don’t think we can deny that the heatwave we have experienced last week (26 degrees in mid-Oct!) and the extreme weather such as Hurricane Michael that hit Florida are all examples of the impact of climate change and global warming.

My little contribution to avoiding total disaster

Still worth trying to make things not as bad as the worst case scenario. But my little actions as an individual are realistically going to have very limited impact on the climate. I will continue to eat less meat. And I have two flights booked in the near future – Andalucia in Nov and Gran Can in Jan. After that, I am going to try as much as possible to travel by train and ferry around Europe rather than flying.

Innovation and Creativity

A good all-staff away day

3 work days and the one on Wed was devoted to an all staff away day. Easy to be cynical about these things not least as I have done so many in my life. But how else do you bring a dispersed and big staff team together? They are a necessary evil LOL. And, actually, it was one of the better ones I’ve been to.

The morning was great with small random teams needing to build parts of a roller coaster on which a ball could travel round the room. I think everyone had trepidation that it would be their bit that would let down the system for everyone else. Then talks from two great projects we fund – SafeLives and Help Refugees. Followed after a fab lunch with work on our common values, an update on the films to be made, and a jargon quiz viaΒ Kahoot.

The importance of being out and about

Lovely meet-up last Mon with Carlos and Vinnay from Lightful. So good to get out of the office and build the network. And so easy just to think I’m doing something by sitting behind my desk. Though if I’m not there then people keep asking ‘you been on holiday?’ πŸ™

Health and Efficiency


Out for this on Sat and I was actually really looking forward to it. Basically I had a week without any great exercise apart from walking. And it was fun to be out on a cool and breezy morning. But what a really crap time. πŸ™ Details can be found here and can be compared to other recent performances.

I managed to do 7km which was an increase on other recent distances. But the overall time at 48 mins meant I was doing a km in just under 7 mins on average. And there were a couple of really bad km stretches where I was well over 7 mins. Oh well, onto next time. Bit disconcerting that my right knee was having little pain spasms. πŸ™


You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing videos after my jog-runs like I used to. Simply I don’t feel in the mood to make them unless I’ve really achieved something like doing a 10K jog-run. Anything less than that doesn’t feel so important or worth acknowledging.

Gym and weight

I am so much missing the gym. It’s still being redeveloped and looking at the progress online, I don’t think it’s going to be ready for a good few weeks yet. πŸ™ I’m missing it for my mental health as well as to boost my physical health. Indeed, my weight appears to be creeping upwards. Back to 14 stone. Almost certainly part of the reason why I’m doing slow jog-runs. Little bit of good news, INR done on Fri and just within range at 2.1 (means I shouldn’t get a blood clot) so 5 weeks till it needs checking again. πŸ™‚

Personal Development

Made some real progress last week on Duolingo, basically every day but Tues. And I even did a bit of coding practice. If only I had nothing else to do then I would spend so much time playing with languages. I think the ways we communicate together are fascinating. Emails are sort of under control. Work ones have been really bad as I’m still trying to catch-up after my week off in Sitges.

Books and Reading

I did a mini-blog about the brilliant Chinese hard sci-fi book I finished reading, ‘Death’s End’. This can be read here.

‘The Furthest Station’

This was the other book I read last week. A novella that is part of the series covering the adventures of magician policeman Peter Grant. I had just finished ‘The Hanging Tree’ which deals with a river goddess’s daughter involved in a drug death and the unveiling of the mystery ‘faceless man’. So it was nice to have this short book to read.

The reviews of it have been good and it was nice to have another installment of life with some great characters. But I wonder why it was just a novella and not a full story? It felt under-developed to me with some major things chucked in like the appearance of Peter’s learner magician young relative Abigail. Pleasant but I’m left feeling unfulfilled. πŸ™

Clearing out and letting go


Before the big move to the newly refurbished flat on our estate, I’m having a big sort out of books, DVDs and CDs. Sort of accepting that there are too many books for me to be able to read before I die. πŸ™ Took a load up the Notting Hill Exchange on Tues and Thurs. The cash back is a lot less than I paid but isn’t that inevitable. Indeed, there’s a big part of my general mood at the moment which is all about letting go and appreciating the transience of everything.

The Week Ahead

  • Normal 3 days of work this week. Though looks like I will have to work at home on Mon in order to be with mum when the removal men visit to assess moving stuff to the new flat.
  • Lots of internal meetings. Though I’m out on Fri afternoon as part of the CAST coffee catch-ups to meet with Helen Gazzi. And my old mate Dan Sutch is coming to talk to us all on Wed – suspect I might have seen his slide show before…
  • Sorting out more stuff before the big move and taking some more books up to the Exchange
  • Finish reading my current book (‘Authority’ by Jeff Vandermeer) and get through at least another one by next weekend
  • Might do a small jog-run during the week but definitely want to do one next Sat or Sun
  • Gonna try to do Duolingo every day and hopefully squeeze in some coding practice
  • Keep on top of emails
  • It would be really nice to attend a concert soon. There are so many free classical concerts in London – I must get to them. πŸ™‚

And Finally…

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