A great 48 hours but I don’t like Brighton

I’m writing this 48 hours after the last blog. It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just had another great workout at the gym. Trying intense workout bursts – no more than an hour and hoping to be at the gym tomorrow and Monday morning. It’s been a very good two day break. I met Jane for lunch on Thursday – she is so lovely. We ate at the ever lovely Pierre Victoire restaurant in Soho and talked life with a spiritual angle thrown in. Drunk a little alcohol but not too much and then walked back to Victoria across St James Park in glorious sunshine. As per usual, I was perving looking at the sexy men in shorts or with their tops off. Well that is what summer is all about.

Went off to see my mate James who continues to valiantly fight cancer. New chemo starts next week and I can only hope this is successful. He’s leaving work which opens up a new chapter in his life as he is a person who has always been so dedicated to his job. He is one of my real-life heroes and the way his partner is coping is pretty fantastic too.

Onto Brighton which is a place that I have so many mixed feelings about. I lived there for 12 years and from loving it I ended up hating the place. Basically that’s where I developed addiction problems and leaving became part of the answer. It’s a strange place magically drawing people to it. But someone might have got it right when they described it to me as far away that people can run without falling into the sea. I’ve still got lots of friends there and they are really happy. But, para mi, the problem is that it is not as great as many people think. Indeed, it’s become a weird mixture of ‘Guardianistas’ crossed with too many grungy dreadlocked people with dogs on bits of string. Lots of attitude and there really is no justification for it.

Treated myself to a massage, something I love. Basically if I won the lottery then I would employ my own personal masseur on call 24 hours per day. Massage by Steve rather than usual Alan but very good especially work on my legs. Then onto have a late but light dinner (amazing number of restaurants that were closing at 10 – it’s not Spain unfortunately) followed by wine at the hotel bar and crashed out sleep.

Weather yesterday morning was stunning weather wise. Coffee and reading – Dr Who New Adventure ‘Timewyrm: Apocalypse’, fabulous. Then treated myself to wander around one of my favourite charity shops and picked up a pile of retro secondhand gay books; Dave will be (was) annoyed. Onto to see my first old pal Bob. He was in his nursing home and I persuaded him to let me take him down to the local shops for a coffee and watch the world go by. Worth the effort as he really enjoyed himself though there was a bit of a kerfuffle back at the home when lunch arrived as to if he’s allowed to eat chips. Then onto see Brian whose mobility is getting worse. He’s looking into getting a motor scooter. But we managed to go round to the local coffee shop for a very nice lunch. Overall he was on good form and quite witty with his reminiscences. An old lady on the bus upset me with her rudeness (‘carry my bag off the bus’) which I twittered about and I got told off by Age UK – LOL 🙂

Chilled last night but it was so hot it was hard to sleep – one of those stifling summer nights that you forget happen by the time we get to winter. Situation in Iraq is depressing – all those soldiers and civilians who have died over the last 15 years and for nothing. Had a heated twitter debate with a colleague – good fun. Hayfever has really kicked off. So much sneezing yesterday evening that I get a nose bleed. Should be an interesting weekend. Mum is 70 on Monday and we’ve got a family meal tomorrow. My mother in law is down for it (in French they say la belle maman – definitely a piss take) so basically a weekend I will hardly see Dave 🙁

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