A bloody good eclectic weekend

Sat 6 & Sun 7 Oct 2018

Another blog from me in quicker succession to the last one than is usual. But I had a lovely weekend (although a very varied one) and I wanted to write about it. 🙂


JoggingI failed completely on holiday in Sitges to do any jog-runs. Although I did do lots of lovely long walks through Los Bosques woodlands. Thus I was actually really fired up for my jog-run back in London on Sat morning.

Up around 6.30 for my coffee at Starbucks and to get my legs warmed up. Then out for what really was a jog rather than a run. Time and pace was slow plus I only did a 6k. I felt I had more in me than 5k but not much more. 🙂

Weight scalesAll my times are on this website here. One day I really should do a graphic to show my overall progress or lack of it. Feels clear to me overall that I am slowing down probably because of my weight. And getting lots of aches in muscles and joints.

But I enjoy my jog-runs, just me and my thoughts – no music. My assumption must be that I would be less healthier without them both physically and mentally.


So a slight change of pattern with my emails. Regular readers will know this is a battle I constantly fight. I did some on hols to keep on top of things. And personal emails now feel quite under control i.e. I am only a few days behind in reading them after their arrival! 🙂 Work emails aren’t too numerously bad. But they are like harbingers of doom that are guaranteed to enormously depress me whatever the actual number.

I am pretty sure we could all be happier if there were a system by which work emails could be constrained and changed. Perhaps an AI that read every email before it was sent, assessed its impact on the recipient, and returned it to sender if it was felt the effect would be detrimental to their mental health?

Mind you that may take out most emails! Probably better to create a new culture of just learning to ignore the bloody things and let them flow over.

‘4 Loyalty Cards’

Went to see this play on Sat afternoon. It is written by my talented friend Jamie who basically writes plays as a hobby, his full-time job is an accountant. The third play I have seen by him and definitely the best in my opinion. Four monologues, each entertaining and both comedic but also slightly dark. A one night stand that doesn’t happen, a crazy lady living in the past, a girlfriend whose boyf puts her in an awkward situation, and a member of hotel staff shags a famous celebrity. The latter was particularly effective with a great actor.

I’m not really a theatre fan particularly not going for comedies. I do like classical Greek theatre and Shakespeare. Where it works best for me is the exploration of the dark side of the human character though even in that there is inevitably some comedy. As human beings, we can’t survive without something making us laugh occasionally. That’s part of the crippling effect of depression, when you can find nothing amusing to relieve the drudgery of everyday life.

Church and charity shop

Decided to pop to church on Sunday. Not sure why; didn’t feel particularly spiritual. Rather just fancied being there for the music and to be part of a ritual that I know well. It was good, not loads there but it felt comfortable though I didn’t feel like going up to take mass – not this time.

The gospel reading was interesting, about Jesus saying a married person commits adultery who gets divorced and marries again. Quite depressing at face value – divorce is not allowed and you must stay together no matter what i.e. if your husband is beating the shit out of you.

I do wonder if it’s more complex and we have to go beyond face value. Perhaps Jesus ideally thought we should stay together in relationships as much as possible – who would not want to do that? Divorce / separation will sometimes come but we are always connected to that person. Indeed, aren’t we always all connected to everyone we have loved or had sex with anyway – for better or for worse?

Onto my favourite charity shop though sadly nothing I wanted there. Apart from a £1 book by Christopher Isherwood that I left in a coffee shop later that same day. 🙁 Met up with Dave and we went for a bite of lunch together.

Dr Who

sixties doctor who logo

The return of the new Doctor. I love having her back, it’s another comforter. Too early to say if she’s a classic Doctor or whether the over-rich story lines of recent episodes are thankfully over. Not all good stories need complexity.

It did feel a bit more X-Files crossed with Star Trek Voyager rather than classic Dr Who. Not sure that is the right direction to take it in but then perhaps I’m just old skool.

‘The Hanging Tree’

Crazy secondhand bookshop

I had 3 books on the go on my holiday. This is the first one I finished completely. And it’s a good one. The sixth in the ‘Rivers of London’ series by Ben Aaronovitch. It follows the adventures of magician policeman Peter Grant.

Lots more magic in this one than other books plus the mystery ‘Faceless Man’ is unmasked. Wonderful escapism though it did lose me at certain points. Perhaps trying to be too clever again? Also makes me think how lovely it is to live in a world of semi-fantasy rather than total reality.

Mark in Sitges

Working on the assumption that this blog is about recording memorable things for me to look back on and for others to enjoy, then I realised I had forgotten an important event from my holiday blog.

Whilst in Sitges, I bumped into my old friend Mark from Leicester. We met when we used to play in the gay football league about 15 years ago. He was a Leicester Wildcat and I was a Brighton Bandit (we had 2 teams, the A-bandits and the B-bandits – think about it 🙂 ).

He was there celebrating his 49th birthday. So nice to have a catch up drink, indeed we both ended up quite sozzled. Great to hear about what he is up to now rather than dwell on the past. ‘The past is another country, they do things differently there’. His personal work around promoting gay men to use PREP to stop the spread of HIV is very admirable though it is sad the amount of stick he has received about doing this.

The Week Ahead

GOTTA PACE MYSELF AND NOT GET WOUND UP BY WORK! At the end of the day it is only a job and we as people are more than just what we get paid to do.

  • Working my normal 3 days with a day off in-between and gotta claim back that half day TOIL I’m owed. Really a lot more but if I took time off for all the working done outside my official hours then I would never be in the office.
  • Lunch on Mon with the people behind the great social ventures I.G.Advisors, Social Media Misfits, and Lightful
  • A full-staff away day on Wed – always have mixed feelings on these
  • Gonna get back to Duolingo, I really need to improve my language skills
  • There will be at least one jog-run next week, perhaps a couple (can’t wait till the gym reopens, I miss it so much)
  • Will finish the current 2 books I have on the go – one slightly philosophical, the other hard Chinese sci-fi (the latter is absolutely brilliant)

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