16 reasons why the last 48 hours have been good

download (39)During a period of depression in the past (phases of this have come and gone constantly) I was challenged by a clinician when I had been most happiest in my life? Probably a pretty obvious question but it was the first time I had ever been asked it and I couldn’t think of when it was. Of course there had been good times but I could also always think of a cloud for every silver lining. Since then I’ve learnt to realise that there are good times and bad times and to treasure the former almost clinically dissecting them to find out why they have ‘worked’. I’m on a bit of a peak currently. Now it might be based on seeing my dying mate on Saturday so subconsciously realising how valuable life in itself is and the good patch might not last but I thought I would try to identify the key things that had made the last 48 hours pretty decent:

  1. A good gym session on Monday morning following on from one on Sunday morning. Worked so well partly because I didn’t over-push myself so didn’t feel exhausted or hungry.
  2. Control of my eating – some nice meals but not over feeding myself and even skipping some bits where I wasn’t very hungry like breakfast yesterday morning. Forgotten to weigh myself so don’t know what is happening on that front.
  3. Been doing a lot of remote working. Now I know I have a problem working over the number of hours I am paid for but it was good to get some key stuff sorted on Sunday afternoon and then use time since just to catch up on follow-up stuff as it came along. Potential problems to come but that is for the future.
  4. Been travelling. After gym yesterday, by train to Manchester. Checked in the hotel and then spent Monday afternoon pottering. Stayed over in a lovely clear spaced, character-less and anonymous Ibis. Sleep that wasn’t deep but dominated by big city noise and light which strangely reassures me.
  5. Managing to miss the downpour on Sunday and then leaving a wet grey London to arrive in a bright and clear Manchester – wonderfully ironic.
  6. Being introduced to an interesting new digital project in ongoing development, the reason I went to Manchester – please have a look kindly.com
  7. Wine – a nice glass of rose on Sunday night and a few glasses yesterday afternoon and evening. I have had a bit of a migraine which might be related to the drinking but I do do enjoy it especially as I don’t smoke now nor touch any recreational drugs.
  8. Seeing attractive people around, sometimes in shorts – always nice to have good totty to look at.
  9. Reading an excellent book ‘The Lie’ by Helen Dunmore. She is a very accomplished author and I was worried this book would be too syrupy but it is a beautifully written ghost / love story about a man after World War One basically dealing with PTSD and a love that dare not speak its name.
  10. Good music on my i-pod as I move about and also good music on the Jo Wiley show on Radio 2 in the evenings. I love the way Jo plays decent stuff from the past i.e. the Buzzcocks but also good new stuff i.e. Hot Chip and John Grant.
  11. Coming back today and helping mum with the laundry – nice just to have time to catch up with her. Then on the tube to stay over with my beloved partner Dave. Funny how we can do totally separate things but just have comfort from being in the same flat together.
  12. Seeing the GP tonight and finding the MRI confirmed there are problems with my dodgy achilles but nothing that needs surgery; the problem should be cured by physiotherapy which is under way and the physio reckons I could be back to jogging again shortly.
  13. The Chinese and world stock markets fell but then the British and European ones went up so enabling my pension to regain a bit of value after the initial big drop. A long while till I retire so I can only be optimistic that my pension fund will grow big and provide real value when I do finish work for good – if that ever happens.
  14. A big thing coming up at work that I turned down doing because it what have been too disruptive to me on a personal level and I just don’t have the time. Indeed, in terms of the restructuring going on, I am far more clear now on what I want and what would want to make me stay or go. Such confidence on where I am personally means I can feel chilled about work.
  15. Spoke to my brother and arranged for him to put up some more book shelves as well as getting him to agree to do some work at Dave’s and commit to drive us to the airport if the tube strikes ultimately go ahead on one of the revised dates (one less worry).
  16. Not watching too much TV, indeed the only thing I have really watched in the last 48 hours is some of the soaps which always cheers me up.

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