15 things I loved about the Calpe retreat

Note these are not in priority order:

  1. Catching up with old friends particularly those who have been on this retreat before as well as the retreats that used to take place at Loyola Hall
  2. Meeting new people – getting to know them and hoping things go well for them plus that we meet again
  3. Evening Mass which I attended every day and that has inspired me to think about going back to church on a regular basis
  4. Staying in such a nice clean retreat house right on the sea-front in a busy town (I’m tired of retreats in the middle of nowhere)
  5. The sunshine and time to lay on the beach contemplating things
  6. David’s brilliant organisation of the retreat and his quiet yet authoritative stewardship throughout the week
  7. Michael Ford’s great daily workshops on five different men
  8. Reflecting on what we can learn from others based on the lives of those five famous people
  9. Sharing food – breakfast and lunch together plus our cheap and cheerful evening meals out (all optional)
  10. People opening up in discussion and sharing deep personal information about themselves sometimes
  11. Getting spiritually recharged particularly through the workshops, the masses, and suggested books to read
  12. Videos about the famous people whose lives we were studying
  13. Singing in the mass and on the balcony at night; great voices accompanied by wonderful guitar playing
  14. Late night chats on the balcony
  15. Calpe itself because it’s a lovely safe and friendly town as well as the cosmopolitan Cafe Playa where I regularly took coffee

3 thoughts on “15 things I loved about the Calpe retreat

  1. What a great list. I was at this retreat last year and found it a wonderful thought provoking week; I am really pleased you enjoyed it too

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