15 good things that happened over the weekend

In a spirit of positivity, these are the good things that have happened over the weekend 21/22 June:

  1. Typed up two blogs – this one and one reflecting on the week gone. Publicised on Twitter and Facebook getting over 100 views on Sunday including my first non-spam comment.
  2. Went for a jog on Saturday and managed 30 mins without causing any big problems for my knees, calves, or achilles. I managed to get round St James Park and Green Park plus a little bit more.
  3. Had a really good gym session on Sunday covering all the main body parts.
  4. Food intake hasn’t been too bad. Ate out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but avoided desert on each day.
  5. Making good progress (c.50 pages per day) through ‘In the plex’, effectively a company history on Google.
  6. Good nights of sleep though I am waking with a headache over one eye and my chest gets congested while I’m sleeping. Trying sleeping with more pillows.
  7. Managed to pass a session on Duolingo in German, Spanish & French.
  8. Re-looked at some of the exercises on Code Academy.
  9. Booked for me and Dave to go to Gran Canaria in 2015.
  10. Caught up on some work stuff that I should have done a few weeks ago.
  11. Enjoyed sitting in the sun several times drinking coffee and watching interesting people go past.
  12. Remembered to take all my meds though I didn’t recall doing it on Sunday┬ámorning but must have done because I couldn’t find the pills.
  13. Got my glasses repaired free of charge.
  14. Watched some good World Cup football i.e. Germany vs Ghana.
  15. Visited my favourite charity shop including giving them some t-shirts to sell.

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